Did local Bains and Grants Town preacher support FNM MP at flight school in the US?


Bains and Grants Town MP at School in the US?

PM Hubert Minnis with his political son MP Travis Robinson.

NASSAU| It was announced today that Sweet Travie Robinson said he was suspending campaign activities because of the third wave of Covid announcement.

And that makes sense.

But what I’ve been hearing is that Sweet Travie returns to Nassau on the days that Parliament meets because he’s in Florida attending pilot school for flying!

And if that’s a fact, a Covid wave couldn’t come sooner because it’s said he’s been doing that for a number of months to date.

We wonder if his “special preacher/pastor friend”, who has paid for another pilot to learn how to fly, is funding the educational trip?

That same preacher had a “toyboy” who was thrown out of a rectory out west. The preacher loves the FNM and is spotted on almost every function and board the PM appoints. What in da hell is dis?

We ga report and let yinner decide!