Did the Snitch trick the Cabinet once again when he presented a chance to execute a ‘slush fund’ suggesting that Tourism was celebrating 50 years?


Someone needs to clarify the truth behind the Tourism celebration…


How did Christie, the walking encyclopedia of Bahamian history, miss this one?

Nassau, Bahamas — Obie ‘Snitch’ Wilchcombe recorded how an Act of Parliament, the Promotion of Tourism Act, gave birth to the modern Ministry of Tourism. The Act came into force in 1964. But if people who suppose to be real recorders of Bahamian history remember what really happened in 1964 they would understand why we said “Slush Fund”.

Readers should note history is a great marker for all who would love and enjoy the truth! ALL MINISTRIES are 50 years old because the Constitution that established ALL ministries as well as the Senate came into effect in January 1964.

For the people who sit in the Christie Cabinet, not only was Tourism established, but every ministry was formed as the Constitution was established.

You see, historians would tell you how before then we in the Bahamas were governed by letters patent. And so the question arises: Why aren’t we celebrating the Birth of Constitutional Government in the country? That’s the real celebration there! But this is what happens when you pick up a half Bahamian and throw them in the Cabinet – you end up with people who seek to rewrite ya damn history.

In addition to all this, everyone knows the Bahamas celebrated tourism as big business long before 1964. While the Tourism Board was created around the 1950s, we know we were a tourist destination from 1700s – even George Washington brought his brother here to recuperate after a serious illness.

And we know we became players in the Tourism business in a big way when the construction of the Royal Victoria Hotel took place in August 1861.

During the American Civil War the hotel was the home of dashing Blockade runners and the site of many glittering social activities. It was also a center for bootleggers during American prohibition days and the home to many British and American airmen during World War II.

And so we ask the Minister of Tourism what are we indeed celebrating and we wonder how did Prime Minister Christie, usually a walking encyclopedia of Bahamian history, was allowed to be hoodwinked by this mischief?

And where again are members of the WUTLESS MEDIA of the Bahamas who keep tripping down when it comes to telling the Bahamian people its truth and history? We cry ‘dutty’ shame on dem!

Tourism celebrating 50 years? Another slush fund!

All we say is this: Know ya History! Know the truth, Bahamas!

We report yinner decide!