Differently-Abled Thriving In New Roles At Cable Bahamas

Allen Aranha and Kaleisha Rolle

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Cable Bahamas Group of Companies is a proud participant in the inclusion of differently-abled workers from the Public Service’s Professional Engagement Program, and now we’re getting the chance to hear from them.

Allen Aranha, one of the differently abled participants of this year’s Public Service’s Professional Engagement Program, also known as PS-PEP, now working at Cable Bahamas.

This year is the first time the 52-week PS-PEP Program specifically sought out differently abled applicants, and Cable Bahamas’ Vice-President of Marketing and Consumer Relations, Amber Carey tells us she had a personal connection to making sure opportunities were more inclusive.

Kaleisha Rolle is also on the social media team during the program, and says she was shocked when she found out Cable Bahamas was one of the participating companies in the PS-PEP Program.

Both participants shared that one of the most impactful things for them so far have been the newfound friendships made at the company.

And Carey says members of corporate Bahamas who aren’t participating, are missing out.