Dr. Lynwood Brown writes about Cable Bahamas


The Editor,

RE: Cable Bahamas

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to shine the spotlight on what I believe to be an unfair practice that has been perpetrated on the good people of the Bahamas. Cable Bahamas has been operating in this country for more than a decade now and has enjoyed a monopoly for its entire time in operation yet it seems to have no compassion for the people who have made the company such a success. For instance, if your cable has been disconnected you would have to pay thirty dollars reconnection. I say that this is outrageous. I watched the customer service representative touch a few buttons and in a flash reports that “Okay your cable is back on”….a few strokes on the key board and shazaam, cable back for THIRTY DOLLARS. This is shameful, especially now when Bahamian people are struggling. Mr. Government, we ask that you please do something to assist the Bahamian people.

My second grievance with this company is that prior its arrival, we have enjoyed ZNS TV13 with very little static (well, that is people in Nassau) but since Cable Bahamas’ arrival this is no longer the case. If your cable is disconnected for lack of payment, you will have to disconnect the cable to watch your national station. I say that this too is wrong. Cable Bahamas has the ability to selectively block any channel that it wants, remember B.E.T.? So why is it then, that if an account has been disconnected that Cable Bahamas doesn’t just block all other channels except ZNS TV13, allowing the customer to continue to enjoy watching ZNS. It is almost criminal how the Government allows a foreign company (well now that BTC, BEC and NIB own major shares in the company that may not be the case) to take advantage of Bahamian people is beyond me.

Please HELP Mr. Government.

My final point in this letter is the new digital box, this is the biggest rip off of them all. In The United States of America, digital TV was phased in but only to those persons who did not have a digital television. I recently had to purchase a few of these digital boxes and now that I have, my already “digital” television is no longer able to pick up any signals. Wow! But yet the cable company is telling
everyone that one of these boxes is required to watch cable TV. So I masked the customer service representative what if I sourced my box elsewhere, she said almost with a chuckle, “and watch Cable Bahamas? No sir that is not possible”. So my question to Cable Bahamas is: is the box a requirement or is it just another way to squeeze every last cent out of the pockets of the Bahamian people?

Mr. Government, we need your assistance in stopping this injustice and the blatant abuse of the Bahamian people, the people who have elected you to protect them from this predatory-like behavior. We need action from you Mr. Government and we need it NOW.

Dr. Lynwood Brown
A Concerned Bahamian


  1. Dr Brown;
    There are a number of us who share your thoughts and are now prepared to do something about it.
    We have identified a lawyer whyo is prepared to begin an action against Cable Bahamas and hopefully spark a customers rebellion.
    You and all who are interested in pursuing this …Please contact THE WATCHMAN @ thewatchman88@yahoo.com

    • watchman i would love to be involved with this action because someone needs to stand for Bahamian people because the people we elected seems unwilling or unable to do so. I would love to see true disclosure from our politician not just a blanket statement of net worth but show their holdings and you may be surprise how many of them hold large shares in cable Bahamas . No wonder why this company seems to be operating unregulated and above the law. ……So in a nut shell lets do this

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