PLP calls for Tommy Turnquest Head


Crime has increased and criminals have become emboldened under the watch of Minister Tommy Turnquest & the FNM

Press Release: This week more people were added to the record number of murders; there was a break in at the Supreme Court, located a stone’s throw from the Central Police Station; there was a break in at the Nassau Street Magistrates Court, located on the border of the South St. Police Station; and, an armed robbery, in broad daylight, using a machine gun, down the road from the Cable Beach Police Station. Bahamians have not forgotten that the there was a robbery at the Passport Office, across the street from the Police College and down the road from CID. Nor have Bahamians forgotten that a Judge’s home has been broken into and another Judge has been attacked, in broad daylight. The Bahamas is in crisis.

Bradley Roberts puts Tommy in school.

The PLP suggests that Surveillance Cameras must be immediately installed at all Courts and foot patrols must be immediately initiated. If the Government does not act with alacrity, thugs will become even bolder and The Bahamas will be listed as unsafe for travel by the US authorities. Such a listing by the US authorities will accelerate the economic downturn, creating even more hardship on already overburdened Bahamians; causing hundreds more homes to be lost; the electrical supply and water supplies of thousands more to be disconnected; and, the middle class decimated.

It is not satisfactory for the Minister of National Security to hide his head in the sand by saying that these crimes are drug related. According to the press, no case files (drug or otherwise) were stolen from the Supreme Court. There were no drugs at the bank in Cable Beach. Criminals are emboldened by the Government’s failure to act. The Minister of National Security vociferously criticized Minister Cynthia (Mother) Pratt and actively called for her removal. Crime has increased and criminals have become emboldened under the watch of Minister Tommy Turnquest.

The PLP calls for Minister Tommy Turnquest to be fired. Under his watch, murders are at a record level; it is not safe to go to the Bank and criminals have desecrated the seat of justice, the Supreme Court.

The PLP also calls for the arrogant, hopeless and hapless Attorney General to be fired. During his tenure, murderers continue to be released on bail during which time they commit more murders. They are being released on bail because far more often than not, the Attorney General’s Office is not ready to proceed with trials. This inertia by the Attorney General is inexplicable. He must go now.

There are too many Ministers in the bloated Gussiemae Cabinet. We need action, not more bodies and not more talk.


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