Dr. Minnis moves to a new level of “accountability”.. “Your Plan 2012-2017” launched!


Dr. Hubert Minnis, MP and Minister of Health

In the words of Marian Anderson, “Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it. Killarney’s Member of Parliament,  Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis has moved to a new level of accountability and continues to live up to his reputation as a Member of Parliament, who knows that he cannot lead people without understanding their needs. He is an M. P. who sees himself as an employee of the people.  He believes that his employer (the residents of Killarney) should contribute to his plans as representative for the area. With that as the goal, he has officially launched “YOUR PLAN 2012-2017” for the Killarney Constituency.

During his walk-abouts, Dr. Minnis continues to gather information, ideas and suggestions from the 4000+ voters in the area. However, living in an age of technology has allowed him to implement a plan that would allow many more residents to contribute to the plan. To this end, all residents of The Killarney Constituency have been invited to visit the Killarney Voice website online at www.thekillarneyvoice.com and complete a form with their ideas and suggestions for the area. Persons who do not have access to the internet are welcome call the 24 hotline at 225-9898 to contribute.

In completing the form online, residents are asked to 1. Submit ideas  2. Suggest a plan of action and 3. indicate how they can assist personally in seeing that the goals are reached.

All Members of Parliament should have a constituency plan, with constituency involvement. Having such a plan would allow constituents to look back at the plan during a re-election process to see whether or not the M. P. has been able to reach the goals that have been set.

The implementation of “YOUR PLAN 2012-2017”  has put Dr. Minnis as Killarney’s representative in a position that makes him accountable to the people he serves. With a working plan in place, members of his community would be in a position to grade their M. P. throughout the course of his term, based on “YOUR PLAN”.

“Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job. That takes all of the good characteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure.” ~Admiral Arleigh A. Burke

With this in mind we have to ask ourselves, How much can we expect of a leader who has no standard by which he can be held accountable, and how can he meet the goals set  without  support from the people he represents?

How involved are YOU?  Send in your contribution today!


  1. All the Constituency have been mandated to do that… Just the approach is different! When the FNM rolls out its plan it will be a plan that includes the imput from ALL BAhamians. Black, white, FNM, PLP, DNA

  2. @ Tal Russell

    Pray tell us NOW if Dr. Minnis should not be judged (in political terms) BY HIS ACTIONS then “WHAT” is an appropriate measuring rod? Perhaps you think that we should embrace rhetoric ….again.

  3. I agree with Independent Voter,nice man, nice plan but he is a COWARD when it comes on standing up for Bahamian people . He let the Nurses down when they had the insurance issue and recently he disappointed the country on the BTC issue.

    • With Dr. Minnis I don’t think you can judge a person’s credibility over a particular issue that you may have disagreed. If we did that then we would oppose just for the sake of opposing.

  4. Dr. Minnis for sure a true man first and as a senior member in this government who is held in high respect by Bahamians in general on all sides of the political fence.

  5. I absolutely love this plan. It is excellent. And I actually like the Dr.

    But I am finding it very hard to be supportive of him after his cowardly vote for the sale of 51% of BTC and all the corruption surrounding it.

    May be one suggestions Dr. is, how will you rectify the damage and deceit your government has caused the Bahamiann people, I being one of them. HOW WILL YOU BE ABLE TO HELP ME CLOSE THIS OPEN EMOTIONAL WOUND?? HOW??

    As a Dr. would you suggest I start living healthy and GO GREEN!! MMM THERE’S ANOTHER IDEA.

    Kudos anyway, keep up the good work for whatever it’s worth. Sad to see you soon go.

      • I like Dr. Minnis,I think he’s quite personable and I’m glad he has a plan for Killarney. However his plan isn’t worth an ice cube in hell if it’s not a part of his master’s plan, whatever that plan may be and whomever it serves. The good doctor suggested that he voted “yes” to the sale of BTC on behalf of his constituents in Killarney… I’m still wondering who he might have spoken to besides his constituency association members?

        • AlexB, I concur! I live in Killarney and have had no communication witht he Minister or his associates on the Sale of BTC! I plan to call the office and ask if Killarney only consist of thos residents living in West Ridge and Cable Beach??

      • Years ago Dr. Minnis, I consider you PM material, you are smart, down to earth and in touch with the common man. Over the last year, I have seen the decline in your own core beliefs, you fought with the nurses and more recently the sale of BTC, you drove a digger through my heart…for someone who believed in you, you became just another politician. We have about ten votes in my family and as it stands now, you will not receive one. You talk a lot about empowerment and the opportunities for the young people in your community, tell me, I see the bar across from your headquarters, how is it that all the underage drinking continues to happen. What are you doing to reach out to these young men. Or is it “ just a matter of TRUST”. I have never campaigned for anyone in my life, but this time I will offer my services and whatever monies I can find to campaign against you and your Government. It will be no turning back for many of us.

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