Education hold Financial Wellness Fair at T.G Glover Professional Development and Research School, Pitt Road


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Educators warned to get da hell out a debt!

NASSAU, The Bahamas – Marcellus Taylor, Acting Director of Education underscored the concern of the Ministry of Education (MOE) for the welfare of its employees.

The Director spoke at the Ministry’s Financial Wellness Fair organized by the Employee Assistance Program, Thursday, May 2nd 2019 at T.G Glover Professional Development and Research School, Pitt Road.

“I am very concerned about the welfare of employees. I know that’s something that people don’t seem to think because, as an employer, we emphasize productivity and getting the work done right.

“We know at the core of it all an unwell employee is not only a person who is not satisfied and enjoying the benefits of life. But we also know they will not be an effective employee. Employers, especially the MOE, are very concerned and much interested in the welfare and well-being of employees,” said Mr. Taylor.

Iris Strachan, coordinator of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), said the Fair is just one of  the many initiatives planned by the unit which offers support, counseling and options for employees.

“We are providing opportunities for them to explore what best fits them. It could be that an employee needs a home and doesn’t know how to do it or it could be that someone needs a consolidation so that they can enjoy more of their salary. We want persons to look at their salary and maximize what they have and not live like somebody else’s salary. We’ve extended an invitation to other ministries and to the public. Everybody can use this kind of information. We want this to be ongoing, giving more information,” she said.

The EAP looks at all dimensions of wellness.

“People seem to think it’s only for teachers when they have a mental crisis, no EAP looks to support teachers and other staff in all dimensions,” said the Director.

“Financial wellness is not so much predicated on how much money you make, it’s how you utilize those resources that you get.

“One of the reasons why we are having this fair is I am very concerned when I look at requests coming across the desk for persons who have already salary deducted 75% of their salary and they want permission to be able to salary deduct beyond what is legislated by law that you shouldn’t deduct more than 75% of your salary. Sometimes it is for legitimate reasons. But many times it’s not for very, very important reasons. Also, look at some employees. They might be making $2,000 per month and they have $1,500 being deducted and they do not own a fixed asset.

“We found that to be very problematic and we said as a caring, responsible employer we have to do something to make opportunities available to understand responsible use of credit facilities and be responsible in maximizing the money they get.”

He encouraged those in attendance to use the institutions provided for information and find ways that they can maximize the money that they have.

“We want people to be well in all different ways including financially,” said Mr. Taylor

The Fair was held in partnership with Fidelity. It featured health screenings and an exhibition of leading financial institutions. Presentations were made on the following topics:

“Let’s Talk Budget: Get me Out of Debt” by Glenn Ferguson

“Making Smart Investments” by Franon Wilson

“Estate Planning and the Importance of Making a Will” by Kevin Ferguson

Keynote speaker Tennessee Bowe, Senior Lender, Fidelity Bank addressed the topic “Money Matters: Acting in Your Best Interest”

She said to ensure financial wellness one must first identify and prioritize the financial goals on paper. Once the goals are identified one must put them order of priority; short, medium, and long term, then create an action plan.  (BIS Photos/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.)

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