Eight-point plan to assist Police Force in curbing crime and violence

COP of Police, Ellison Greenslade.

NASSAU, The Bahamas — The Royal Bahamas Police Force has developed and implemented an eight-point plan in order to reduce crime and criminality in The Bahamas.

The plan is tied to the Force’s Neighbourhood Community Policing Program and includes the continued deployment of civilian support staff to departments and sections of the Force “where they are best suited” in order to release trained officers from administrative duty to operational duties, among other measures.

Addressing the opening session of the first Regional Community-based Policing Conference Tuesday, Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade said enhancing police visibility in communities by deploying more officers to the front lines will better serve the public.

“Divisional Commanders and Department Heads will be assessed on their willingness and commitment to this fundamental improvement in their areas of responsibility,” Mr Greenslade said.

“Efforts must be made to keep offices in the communities and on the streets as opposed to confinement in police stations,” he added.

Mr Greenslade said the continued deployment of police officers to the front lines will also provide “real evidence” that the police are available to interdict crimes and protect citizens.

He said the Force is working more closely with the various communities to encourage community involvement in the prevention and detection of crime.

“This involves continued support of (existing) Neighbourhood Watch Groups and the formation of new groups,” Mr Greenslade added.

The Police Commissioner said greater focus has also been placed on crime prevention and the launching of crime prevention initiatives that will prevent crimes from happening in the first place, and on further enhancing the Force’s National Crime Prevention Office (NCPO) in recognition of the vital role it plays in crime prevention.

He said the Force will also continue to work “to close the demand gap” by embracing a “citizen focused” approach. This approach involves dialogue with members of the community, taking into account the views of the community.

“Police Forces cannot solve the crime problems of The Bahamas alone,” Mr Greenslade. “All citizens and residents of The Bahamas must play an active role in helping to make The Bahamas a safer place to live, work, visit and play.”

Mr Greenslade told participants from 19 regional and CARICOM countries that the Royal Bahamas Police Force recognized “many years ago” that Community-based Policing would be of invaluable service in the fight against crime.

He said the key to its success is having every Police Officer embrace the concept of neighbourhood policing.

“Every police officer must see him or herself as a neighbourhood or community police officer and that they have a significant role to play in engendering community support,” Mr. Greenslade added.


  1. I have been calling on this site for decisive leadership in regards to our Crime problem and the silence is deafening.When the riots broke out in the UK this week it was heartening to see that Prime Minister Cameron calling out the criminals responsible for the mayhem.Since our political Governing Leaders love to copycat everything English,I anxiously await them following the lead of PM Cameron.Failure to do so tells me and others that they are cowards and should resign forthwith.This is a quote from me on another story so am heartened to see that the COP has left the politicians hiding in their corners and taken the bull by the horn to lead.I hope that the Minister of Insecurity just provides the resources to the COP and stay out of trying to upstage the COP.* 8 more months and we shall be rid of the cowardly captain and crew.

    • Perhaps they came on the equipment brought in from Argentina or China and are now reproducing in a nest near you! Your FNM is working for you!


  2. you people who ask for these outragious sentenceing guidelines need to remember that the Bahamas depends on the outside world or direct forign investment for everything.you want to give a person 10-25 yrs for illagal fire arm position,what then happens to the many boats that enter our waters with illigal fire arms on board are we going to send these people to jail aswell or is this jail time for the young black and poor man over the hill.i can recall a young white bahamian in Abaco a few years back who got caught with 2 handguns,he said his life was in danger and all he got was probation and a fine i think.until the laws of our land apply straight across the board for every one we cannot be so brasing and send a person to jail for 10 or more yrs for guns or drugs position.the new world is a changing place and if the Bahamas want’s to be apart of it we will have to adapt to laws we may not agree with ,we don’t export anything we can’t feed ourselfs and we don’t have oil yet so until we become selfsufficent we have to take it until we can give it.

  3. Its rather curious that the Commissioner would seek to return to Community Policing(CP) when in the past police have not supported it. In years ago CP such advocates as Les Brown and others stressed the need for CP but police shortly lost interest. What Mr. Greenslade must understand is that for CP to work the policing culture must change.If you closely observe police going about their duties it is quickly apparent that they are more apt to emulate TV cops than put into practice what they learned at the police college.The commissioner has a hard fight in front of him and needs our support. However, he should know that there are persons in the public who have solutions to the crime problem than on the force.Indeed, there are persons who police derisively refer to as “civilians” who know more about policing than many of them will ever know.Indeed,there are research papers written on crime which comprehensively foresaw and addressed our current crime challenges several years ago but, were ignored. Unfortunately, police believe that unless you kick down doors and gun down persons (like on TV) you do not know what you are talking about!

  4. The most sensible comment I have heard on crime in this country came from a man with a BRITISH accent on the news yesterday.

    If am not mistaken he said; “…IF SOMEONE IS FOUND WITH A GUN, that should be a automatic 10 year sentence.
    To me, that is the QUOTE of the year on Crime!

  5. Point 1: Hang all homosexuals.
    Point 2: Hang all adulterers.
    Point 3: Doesn’t matter as the world would be far more peaceful as crime and violence would decrease drastically.

    • You are a riot. wonder if you will sing that tone if its your children , or your significant other. Please offer sensible solutions to the public. Who knows one of our ideas Mr. Greensled maybe able to actually use. Man that comment must be given an award……..

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