Equality for women not welcomed in Minnis’ FNM


PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts....

By Bradley B Roberts
Progressive Liberal Party

National Chairman

The recent and unceremonious departure of Heather Hunt from the Senate raises some troubling questions for Minnis’ FNM.

Firstly, Mrs. Hunt pre-empted the leader in releasing her resignation statement, suggesting some rancor around the whole affair. Minnis’ statement later is widely perceived as an attempt at some damage control in the public domain by suggesting that he was following though with a previous announcement to rotate Senators periodically. The problem with this explanation is that it contradicts the continued seating of Senator Kwesi Thompson, who has been a senator for more than two years. If Dr. Minnis’ words are to be believed as credible and consistent, he would have replaced both senators at the same time.

Secondly, Hunt’s resignation when combined with the leadership defeat of Loretta Butler-Turner and the FNM’s strong and vocal opposition to the constitutional bills currently before parliament reveal a negative pattern and sends the wrong message about the party’s general attitude about equality for women under the leadership of Hubert Minnis.

It is in Dr. Minnis’ best interest to come clean to the Bahamian people and clarify his decisions and the message his duplicitous leadership is sending to our women who happen to represent the single largest voting bloc in this country.