Da Tief of Royal Eagle Lodge, Prince Hall, Totes Cut Ass and Runs Away!!!


A BP NEWS UPDATE >>>> Will Police protect him now???

What in the hell is dis?

DaTief of Prince Hall Lodge, Uriel “Rabbie” Johnson, got the shock of his life recently during an incident when he tried to test a brother’s manhood. Da Tief does not like to lose and as we know he has twelve children by women he has swindled and taken advantage of using countless lies and fantasy stories. Well he got his tings delivered BY FIST.

One of his women, who lives in Stapledon Gardens, decided she had enough of him and dumped him. Da Tief would not take no for an answer and showed up on the woman’s door step one night making a scene. Da Tief thought the woman was alone but she was not. He was asked to leave but refused and after becoming belligerent, he went to his truck and got his gun. The woman’s male visitor came to her rescue and tried to protect her before Da Tief pulled the gun on him.

Little did Da Tief know, the woman’s love interest was a marine who easily disarmed Da Cowardly Tief and then dropped a royal cut ass on him that made him haul tail like a real tief in da night leaving his broke down truck behind. Da Tief walked around aimlessly all night because he has no home and was too afraid to go back to the scene of the cut hip for his truck.

The matter ended up at the Grove Police Station and Da Tief used his lodge police buddies to quiet the matter as he knows the consequences for pulling a gun on a marine would be dire. He has asked his lodge brothers and friends to speak to the marine so he can bury the hatchet.

Da Tief has also expressed that he is in fear of his life as the marine is known to be no nonsense fella and may not be too interested in burying anything much less a hatchet. In fact the marine thought over the situation, dropped the charges at the station and expressed interest in “dealing” with Da Tief AGAIN himself.

That’s not all. There are senior officers on the force who are currently investigating Da Tief on other matters. These senior officers are determined to lock up Da Tief but so far he has been slippery and evaded them.

Uriel “Rabbie” Johnson, the scourge of Prince Hall Lodge is at it again. Now he has the marines AND senior police officers after him. What next?

We report! Yinna Decide!