Father of deceased Grand Bahama man killed by an attacker at his beach birthday party…


Father shot attacker with Immigration serviced weapon…Homicide count now stands at 28

Rasheid Gibson is the stabbed victim last evening in that beach stabbing on Grand Bahama Island Easter Monday.
Freeport – A respected senior immigration officer on the island of Grand Bahama is in police custody today, but here indeed ends a sad epilogue in the life of Rius Gibson.

Ruis is the man who is alleged to have pulled out his issued gun and shot into the head a man who stabbed his son during his birthday party at Xanadu Beach in Freeport on Easter Monday. Both the male shot and Ruis son have died moving the country’s homicide count to 28th for the year.

But get this: Ruis’ first wife, Rashied’s mother passed away when he was young.

Ruis later married another woman in a second marriage named Lisa Gibson. She, too, a former Immigration officer, passed away as Lisa was killed in a traffic accident about 2 years ago in Freeport. Together Rius and his second wife had one son but that son also died following a short illness.

And now here is his last son Rashied, full of life celebrating his birthday in a beach party and he, too, is murdered right in front of his father. Boy, it can’t get worse than this. And now Ruis Gibson is locked up for shooting and killing his last son’s attacker.

All we at BP could say is this: pray for Gibby [Ruis Gibson].

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