Fight Erupts in FNM Chat Group: PLP Bain Town Woman Gone Crazy!


Big fight in Bain Town someone hit one big gal down who thought she didnt take no mess. Well cut off BP legs and call him shorty. Even the FNM women’s dem cant take Minnis and turning on each other. 

Seems like a Bain Town woman who BP thought supported the PLP, is in the FNM creating a ruckous. Seems like Ms. Bain Town skipped out on the PLP because she heard that Minnis dem usually give PLP supporters plenty things while leaving the FNM supporters hungry. Well so they say, anyway.

Well she proved that this is so because ever since she skipped over to the FNM she has been met with much success and success that she would have never gotten at any point in her life. BP has learned that Ms. PLP Bain Town has been blessed with a big time job, a government car to go with it, several contracts in her name, other contracts in her husband and children’s names, but she still cussing for more. 

What BP has learned is that this big, biggety PLP woman from Bain Town goes around bullying FNMs if they disagree with her King Maker, Minnis. According to forwards from the dutty row she had with a real FNM supporter this week in a group, she feels the FNM now belongs to her and people who have supported the party all along are pushing back. They say no stranger coming up in Red Country and taking over.

It aint election yet aye? Cause when the bell is rang and only one more week to go, BP is going to unleash a voicenote made by Ms. PLP Bain Town so yinna FNMs can really see what she thinks of  yinna. What in da hell is dis?? What is dis?? Dat voicenote is hot, hot, hot!!!

Yes the 7ft PLP Sasquanch from Bain Town will soon be flattened and exposed for who she really is. BP on the floor laughing cause the FNM open up its door and let the devil in. Big time PLP Bain Town woman entered the FNMs cookie jar and carry everything while they all watched and did nothing. We know Minnis aint too smart.  

Well during the row, the FNM woman who Ms. PLP Bain Town was rowing with let her have it right, left and center. Boof!! Ms. PLP Bain Town barked up the wrong tree and guess what? Minnis was not there to save her!! What is dis!!??  

The woman who she was rowing with told Ms. PLP Bain Town not to call Minnis name to her cause she heard her cuss Minnis plenty times. What in da hell is dis?! PLPs cussing Minnis in the FNM party!!? 

Stevie Wonder dem can see the FNM mix up. They have a big time PLP in their party getting all the contracts and big time jobs while she cussing and fighting them. What is dis??!!

Before BP forgets, a voicenote came to BP after the row messages came. The voicenote was a woman of God saying this same PLP Bain Town woman was sending the police to lock up her son. This PLP Bain Town woman crazy eh? But that is to show you how weak Minnis is as a leader. He has a PLP woman running the show in his party and turning off his loyal supporters. Is that someone you should support? If the Lying King cannot run his own party effectively how can he run a country? Well we already know and experience the answer to that. 

Stop reading and go register!! Vote them out!!

We report! Yinner decide!!