Fitness Missteps Commonly


By: Diego Morales

Certified personal training

Many times during training routines people make mistakes that slow their performance or reduction of body fat or muscle percentage increase, or physical performance. These errors are caused by several reasons, such as, excessive running, more intensified sessions, and lack of sleep. The following are some of the major mistakes some often do and what to avoid.

1.  Not stretching can cause injuries
Two essential parts of exercise are warming up and stretching. Ten to fifteen minutes a day will help you go further during training.

2. Not resting can cause trouble
Ideally, when training it is better to train one day strong and the next day softer. Make sure to leave two days of no exercise to rest.

3. Lack of recovery from training

Not taking into account work schedules and availability of time and not enough rest can make a person reach their muscle exhaustion and could cause an injury.

4.  Being burn more calories = cardio-obsessed
If you think that running  ten minutes at a stronger pace will burn calories faster than if you run twenty minutes at a slower pace you are wrong.

According to Jessica Smith, a Florida-based wellness coach and star of “10 Min Solution: Belly, Butt & Thigh Blasters,” when it comes to strengthening training, your fear of turning Into the Incredible Hulk is completely unwarranted.

5.  Running with a lot of sweat clothes = more = burn more calories?
A misconception exists that by running with a lot of clothes causes a person to sweat more and lose more weight or body fat.
This can only lead to progressive dehydration.  The water lost by your body is recovered within the next 24 hours. It is best to run with little clothing that is breathable. The decrease in body fat and increase muscle percentage is obtained after several consecutive weeks of training.

6.  Does training = suffering?
If you think that suffering equals successful training, it is not true. You have to differentiate pain from discomfort, pain is always dangerous, it is the step immediately prior to an injury.

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