FNM and DNA do not support a Crime Plan by PLP

Senator Michael Halkitis and some of the residents in the Golden Isles constituency as well as a photo of Mrs. Patricia Mcgregor - right- speaking to the press.

Patricia MacGregor’s daughter saw her brother Eric gunned down in broad daylight five years ago when she was 13. Patricia says it’s a memory that will stay with her forever.

That’s why she says she is anxious for programmes like the PLP’s “Fifty Bahamians “Violence Breakers” and Safe Havens to be implemented quickly. She also expressed dismay that her son’s killer is still walking free.

“Right now the young man passes me and hails me every day of my life,” she said.

PLP Candidate for Golden Isles, Senator Michael Halkitis visited the MacGregor family on Sunday to explain the new measures the PLP promises to introduce if the party wins the next general elections.

Speaking about “Violence Breakers”, Mr.Halkitis said the strategic social partnership “will proactively mediate and diffuse would-be conflicts before they escalate into violent and criminal confrontations that too often lead to serious injury and death, creating chaos, fear and pandemonium within affected communities.”

“Safe Havens” will prove to be an invaluable resource during the critical and vulnerable period of transition in the lives of our at risk men and women,” he said.

The PLP has already underscored the importance of the “Fifty Bahamians” initiative.

The three programmes will complement each other to target vulnerable communities in the country.

Mr. Halkitis also referred to the governing Free National Movement (FNM) and the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) which do not support the PLP’s crime plan. “Why would they oppose 50 Bahamians acting as mentors to at risk youth? Why would they oppose Violence Breakers intervening to deescalate violence and save lives?  Why would they oppose Safe Havens to help save the lives of at risk youth?” he said.

Meantime, Patricia MacGregor is still seeking justice for her son’s death-which she has learned was a case of mistaken identity. She wants to make sure that no other mother endures the pain she does.


  1. OK let me see if I understand this correctly because I don’t want to be later accused of misrepresenting the position by this “outgoing” FNM cabinet of not supporting the PLP’s Crime Plan.
    OK “outgoing” FNM cabinet, what in the hell has been your plan since being returned to office in 2007?
    Do you need to be reminded of the major increase in serious crime since 2007? Do you need to be reminded that Bahamian families have become prisoners in their own homes with all the security bars, alarms and locks they have installed in an attempt to protect their lives and property? Do you need to be reminded that a growing number of enterprising Bahamians will not even open a retail type of business out of fear of been robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight?
    Still with what you have done to our Bahamaland you must all be smoking some of the funny weed up in the cabinet room if you think that come 2012, like you did in 2007, that you will once again lie your way to hit another General Elections Jackpot, for another five year term.
    This time around the electorate will know you all by the individual Mark Of The Beast on your foreheads, defining your five long years of complete arrogance towards the Bahamian people.
    I got news for this FNM cabinet. I have many FNM friends that have told me that even if they do decide to vote for you that they will cast their reluctant votes holding their nose’s.
    Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield must be turning over in his grave at what you bunch have done to his beloved party and Bahamaland.
    There is no well in hell that there would be 100,000 Haitians roaming freely in his beloved Bahamaland, much less have their lining their asses up for Bahamian citizenship’s, discounted lots and homes.

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