FNM Rally at the Mable Walker Teachers Hall on Bethel Ave. – Cash set to be sacked in Carmichael


PAPA set to break up the FNM and make sure Christie gets Second Term – WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?

Belinda Wilson set to make sure Darron Cash is chased out of Carmichael.

Nassau, Bahamas — Reports coming into our news desk indicate that Belinda ” Karuka” Wilson is holding an FNM Rally at the Mable Walker Teachers Hall on Bethel Ave Stapledon Gardens. Our Source say, ‘ She has brought out some of Hubert “Papa” In graham goons”.

It is being reported that A. Leonard Archer and Donald Symonette were to be headline speakers to rally the Troops. These men are said to be cronies of the former PM .

We will follow these developments closely and the Minister of Education, Jerome Fitzgerald, should not play games with “Karuka” Wilson as she is said to have political aspirations and was once considered by the FNM for the Carmichael Constituency.

We report yinner decide!