FNM Responds to PM Christie’s Comments Regarding the Leader of the Opposition


Dr. Hon. Hubert A. Minnis - Leader of the FNM
Dr. Hon. Hubert A. Minnis – Leader of the FNM

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement in response to the Prime Minister’s latest “bizarre attack on Dr. Minnis”:

“It is said that ‘facts are stubborn things’, and the Prime Minister continues to prove that his command of the facts are slippery at best. And in his drive to deflect attention away from the abysmal record of his Government, the Prime Minster has shown he is not above twisting and turning the facts to generate headlines and malign others.”

“The true fact is that Dr. Minnis has always believed that the upcoming referendum was an opportunity for the people of The Bahamas to weigh in on their future. He and the FNM trust the people – when empowered with the facts and armed with the ability to educate themselves they will decide what’s best for our country. The Prime Minister fears this approach – trusting and empowering the people – because it is his Government that has taken corruption to a stunning new level. A level where government contracts are lavished on friends, families, and allies, and transparency and accountability are things to be feared and pushed aside.”

“So while the Leader has followed through on his belief to trust the people to decide, we have seen the Prime Minister follow his familiar pattern. Instead of truly educating people, this Government is cajoling them – offering enticements to vote one way instead of providing them with information to make their own decisions. And true to form when a leader like Dr. Minnis steps forward and calls out the truth, the Prime Minister and his minions attack like rapid dogs.”

“The facts remain – and unfortunately for the Prime Minister, they are stubborn – because he was the one in 2002 that cast a yes vote in Parliament for the referendum then turned tail and campaigned against it. That is the sign of true hypocrisy. But sadly this is what we’ve come to expect from this Prime Minister – saying one thing, then doing another. It is his political legacy, one forged over several decades in political office always looking to seize more power – willing to say and do anything in order to do so.”

“The Prime Minister has done that time and time again and it’s the Bahamian people who suffer. From his empty rhetoric in 2012 to get crime under control – yet now we have record levels of murders each year. That failed rhetoric continues to this very day as people literally die on our streets. Then there is the list of broken promises from mortgage relief, to the NHI; and from getting spending under control to getting Baha Mar open. The people know the true hypocrite is the Prime Minister and anything he tells them is typical political talk from an old-time politician that is trying to cling to power.”

“His latest personal attacks on Dr. Minnis is nothing new for the Prime Minister. Dr. Minnis is a leader that stands on his principles – and truly trusts the people and wants to empower them. The Prime Minister fears the people and fears giving them a true say in their future. So his bizarre attack comes as no surprise, but truth be told, the fact is the people have grown tired of the Prime Minister’s little routine.”