FNM Torchbearer National Chaplain Found Dead…Was Knowles Murdered?


<<< Ricardo “Chappy” Knowles[right] presented with award by Torchbearer President Jamal Moss.


JUNE 24th, 2010 — Nassau, Bahamas — Shocking news this afternoon has come of the sudden untimely death of the Chaplain of the Free National Movement’s Torchbearer Association. Bahamas Press has learn Ricardo “Chappy” Knowles is dead.

BP has also learned the young man’s body was discovered in the Nassau harbour last week. Police have yet to report 26-year-old Knowles death and we wonder why? We are being told the investigation have left police clueless and his death highly suspicious.

In this age of mayhem and slaughter anything could have possibly happened to Chappy and members of the Torchbearers Association are asking for answers.

Bahamas Press is following a series of suspicious deaths in and around Nassau Harbour. They are too frequent and unsolved.

A press statement issued by the FNM Torchbearers Association said:

With profound regret the President of the Torchbearers Youth Association announces the untimely demise of the Associations Chaplain, the late Ricardo “Chappy” Knowles.

Ricardo joined the Torchbearers in 2007 and quickly developed and maintained a dominant position in the Association. His devotion and dedication to the Torchbearers and to the Free National Movement party was evident in both seen and unseen fashion.

Ricardo was elected Chaplain of the Association in 2007 and his hard work, determination, honest and dependable character allowed him to confidently offer himself again as Chaplain in 2010 when he secured his position unopposed.

In a special call Executive meeting of the Association, President Jamal Moss officially announced the news of Ricardo’s passing. Executive members were given an opportunity to recall memories of Ricardo. Each vouched for his honourable characteristics within the Association. Dependability, accountability, trust and fairness were only a few of the words used to account for Ricardo’s tireless contributions.

Jamal Moss recounts a conversation with Ricardo where he expressed his heightened respect for the Party and the political process, after he was selected to represent the Association, as a delegate at the party’s 2009 Convention. Jamal Moss informed the Executive of how Ricardo explained that such a designation was the highest honour that he had ever received and of how much it indeed meant to him.

It was during this special call meeting that a unanimous decision was arrived at to recognize the contribution that Ricardo made in his short, but purposeful life. As we join with Ricardo’s family in mourning their loss, we understand and feel the loss that Ricardo’s passing has had on our Association.

The Executive therefore announced that a Memorial Service is to take place at the party’s Mackey Street Headquarters on Wednesday 30th June at 7:15pm.

All party officers, members, supporters, friends and associates are asked to lend their support to the family and the Association at this time.

Funeral times and arrangements will be announced as the information is passed on to us.

Ricardo ‘Chappy’ Knowles 1984 – 2010

Gone but certainly not forgotten…may he rest in peace.


  1. BP you ask the question – but other than a rehashed story you offer no additional information on this subject matter. Why now are you questioning Knowles death? Can you please tell us whey you reposted this old story? Or did you just run out of stories to tell?

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