Branville’s DNA/FNM Breakaway Denies Return to his Party…


Could this be the next leader and deputy leader of the FNM?

Nassau, BahamasBranville McCartney was quick to find the media yesterday and respond in kind to BP, indirectly.

While on the newscast last night, McCartney said his DNA will not fall into the fold of the FNM or the PLP but is resolute about seeing his Party’s fight to the end.

Firstly, when BP says something and refuses to retract it, everybody and they ‘mah’ know we are onto something. However, let’s look deeper at the DNA.

As far as we are concerned the Party really has yet to ratifiy a leader. McCartney is considered to be the magnet at the top, but no declared leader exists. The organization has no deputy, no chairman, no council and no committee. All that exist right now are agents collecting $40 membership fees with the promise, ‘this is our time’.

One would wonder why not one independent would follow the new Party, when so many exist. NOT ONE, except the Worker’s Party leader, which also has no structure but one leader for the past 30 years.

But since Branville has gone public to say he is not negotiating with the FNM, and we agree he is correct in saying so. Branville is not negotiating with the FNM, but factions in his Party, who are KNOWN FNM operatives, are.

Bahamas Press
reported yesterday the following:

“Sources in the position to know tell us, Sir Duward Knowles have begun talks between both factions in order to jab a deal and return Branville as a possible successor to the FNM throne.

BP can confirm the deal is to return Branville into the Ingraham Cabinet at the time of a shuffle, which is expected to take place shortly following the June the 2011/12 National budget debate in the Parliament.”

A strong FNM groups which make up the DNA who hail from the Free National Movement is connecting with operatives in the FNM and here’s an example of what ya get.

Come this Saturday May 21st, the DNA is headed to Arawak Cay for a Big Steak Out Party. And then again come next Saturday May 28th, the FNM is headed to the same venue to have a similar event. Big Steak Out under the theme Grill and Chill. Now if that is not a Party with the same DNA then tell us what is.

Branville is headed back to his home in the FNM. Perhaps he just don’t know yet.



  1. @ Coconut Grove

    You just don’t get it! Since you assert that he (McCartney) underperformed it is your duty to outline “how” and “when” such incompetence was exacted upon the offices held by him, and I add under the FNM government, your beloved FNM, “CocoNutty”. I can’t imagine any reasonably intelligent person requiring this point to be more simply and concisely stated (ot is it that you are ….). It seems as though you were unaware (until now) that technocrats are responsible for the day-to-day management of the affairs of all ministries, but cabinet ministers have a singular duty of ensuring that policies are adherred to.

    In the instance of Immigration Minister (Junior Minister) he was no Loftus Roker (the zenith) but he was no Brent Symonette either (the gutter). Frankly, he was the shining star of the Ingraham cabinet and therefore if in your assessment of his performance he failed, then you must necessarily apply an even worst grade (with adjectives that match) to ALL of his former colleagues (honesty requires such). This “miscalculation in political strategy” by you highlights the hypocrisy associated with party loyalty (because of what such bondage requires one to do – condemn tomorrow what you praised yesterday).

    Finally, you are making a better case not to support the FNM than any PLP poster has (I attempted to show you the errors in your acts but you insist and persist). You remind of Calvin Farquharson, that staunch FNM supporter who has been banished from making public comments due to the overall harm that he does to the party in the process. Perhaps you should follow his lead before regular FNM posters call on you to “shut up” because you are embarrassingly ignorant.

  2. @ Coconut Grove

    OH, WHAT AN IDIOT you are!!! Your disagreement is running wild and you have reached the point where you are AGAINST your earlier position. This dilemma is a frequent experience of faithful party zealots who are in such a frenzy that they argue against themselves (literally) in their quest to say something negative in response to something said about “their” party. Either McCartney is smart or he is dumb. You can’t call the man dumb, then when you are called out on it change directions and “spin” the discussion towards abstract topics that are hedged by an outcome that will be subjective at best, home boy. Answer “what” performance question. The job of a cabinet minister is to ensure that policy is implemented. How did McCartney fail at this (you tell because it is your assertion that he failed)? I am unable to indulge you by responding because I disagree with your reasoning (not because you have me in a tight spot).

    As for your insistance that McCartney underperformed, what is the basis of your remark (i.e. against what standard of performance evaluation have you concluded such, surely it must be more than your shallow opinions). I fail to see how his performance was either better or worst than that of every other member of the cabinet in their respective positions. What are you grasping at? It is my view that the entire FNM government was then and still is an on-going failure. And since you, an ardent and HONEST FNM supporter, have called McCartney a failure while in his position as a cabinet minister, that puts the matter of evaluation outcome as failure beyond question and PLPs need only apply it to whomever deserves it within the FNM cabinet …. right Coconutty!!! Boy when ya dumb ya dangerous fa tru.

    I won’t waste time refuting the claim that I am a supporter of the DNA or any other party. The record of the history of my posts speaks to the independence of my views. Can you say the same?

    • @ Storm

      You appear to be an educated fool. Just answer plainly, what in the world did McCartney do at the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation? And since McCartney is so brilliant how come he didn’t perform as well at the Immigration Department as Shane Gibson did?

      Crying Storm you are educated, you know what the metrics are for measuring performance, so stop trying to hide McCartney’s poor performance by blaming it on the FNM’s policies. If these policies were so poor how come McCartney waited almost four years to speak out?

      Crying Storm, while your in the sucking up to Branville Judas McCartney mood, can you please answer why he said earlier that he supported the sale of BTC, then like the true hypocrite that he is, decided to oppose the sale when he thought the move was popular. The hypocritical Judas McCartney then blamed his change of opinion on listening to the collective voice of his constituents.

      Crying Storm, you educated lover of men, you are obviously a despicable, educated fool. You epitomize the negative characteristic trait of narcissism.

      Just like the self appointed “saviour” of the Bahamas, Branville Judas McCartney, you can espouse all the poorly formed rhetorical illogical diatribe you want. You divas from the Divas Needing Affirmation party will be soundly defeated and embarrassed at the next general election.

      So tell Steve McKinney, the obese Pharisee, Branville Judas MccCartney(I still think you are him) to work on the speech of defeat and apology to the Bahamian people.

      Please apologize for the lies and deceit,while pretending to be victims of the FNM. Pretending to be the people’s champion when you clowns supported every tax increase o poor working class Bahamians.

  3. BP Sir,

    This is off topic but I strongly think the FNM, PLP & DNA must review.

    My questions are: what are the Policies, as well as the checks and balances for ANY law enforcement officer that carries weapons?

    First and foremost I think we must appear to be a “GUNLESS” society. There are far to many people with guns in public places, and the average Civilian is not sure who is “FISH or FOWL” (Police or Civilian).

    Example: I was at a Chinese restaurant last night, and a man in civilian cloth was having dinner with a lady, to my amazement he had a gun in his waist, I “ASSUMED” he was a police officer (this nonsense must stop).

    Also on Friday past, I observe a young Police officer “Constable” to be exact, in uniform, he pulled up to COB’s Library (Chapter One) and DD’s, what got my attention is that, he was the passenger, with a civilian driving the car.

    The officer came out with a gun at his side (he was walking as if the gun was the pride of his life, fiddling with the weapon every second). I become highly uneasy, because thy looked unsure as to why they were there. I gently raised my Blackberry phone to record the seen, that is when, the officer notice and came over to see what I was doing, we cordially greeted me and continued pacing the DD’s floor, as his “CIVILIAN DRIVER” who appeared nervous continued to order.

    BP, there must be clear Policies for Gunslingers.

    • Wisdom I am wondering who from the prison was on the Work Release Programme this weekend and if they ever returned to FOX HILL.

      Bay Street is fitted with CCTV and you mean to tell us, with all that PR on the Bahamas Tonight they cannot catch 3 crooks who stole over $1 Million Dollars? I mean where are we going in this town? This episode reminds me of the Manhattan Bank robberies of the 1930s and 40s, when the FBI was established in American. The US authorities identified then they needed the brightest and best to create a hybrid crime cracking network across state lines, because criminal would rob in New York and then run to some small town in middle America.

      What we have here in Nassau right now are THIEVES AND HIT KILLERS coming into town on Friday, doing their damage on the weekend and leaving the city immediately afterward. Leaving the police to seek the help of the public. Bahamas Press has said it over and over and over this town is NOT being managed.


      • BP in all that traffic down town, how could they escape the police?
        Unless the perceived criminals are LOOKING for the criminals.

  4. @ Coconut Grove

    I see the day ahead when I’ll be referring to you as “Nutty” Grove, but anyway here goes.

    First, there is nothing of substance in that “puddle” posted by you for me to comment on. Branville McCartney is a self made man. He stands with his own business success as a backdrop. In his chosen profession he is an accomplished attorney and operates as Senior Partner in a law firm that is noted within the industry (one which he built from the ground up). So when you suggest that he has no intellectual capital I wonder what is your point of reference (pray tell). Which law firm did Hubert Alexander Ingraham establish? Is he regarded as an accomplished lawyer by those within the profession? Did he establsih one of the leading law firms within this country before the age of 40? How about comparing Branville to Carl Bethel, Dion Foulkes or Zhivargo Laing in terms of accomplishments within professions and business success.

    Moving on, you “conveniently” disregarded the FACT that Branville was an FNM last year (this time). Why? Any inability (which is nonsense at best) would reflect poorly on your party and its leadership because Branville has only served this country in government during an FNM term and was selected by your Lord and God, Hubert A. Ingraham, to be “whatever” he was in that government …. remember “Cocunutty”. Are you saying that the FNM made poor decisions to such an extent that Bahamians should now re-examine those persons who remain in cabinet too? This is what your point admits to. I will deal with the remainder of this foolishness that you regard as a post after taking in a good movie.

    • @ Storm

      Mr.Storm or Branville “JUDAS” McCartney you refer to me as “Nutty” all you want but you obviously are a real homo-invalid.

      Not because McCartney was successful in private business means he would be in government.

      Please address McCartney failures at the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation and his comparatively underwhelming performance at the Department of Immigration.

      You have to be Bran himself or a true “lover” of men by the way you carry on. Hope to see you, obese Steve Mckinney and the sociopathic Dr.Donaldson eating humble pie soon!!!

  5. The approaching General Elections may just shape up to be the very first time in our entire history whereby voters may be faced with three party options.
    The present game the Democratic Nation Alliance (DNA) party, of you can really call them a party at all, is attempting to play with their silence may just backfire on their ill-advised political play. Could it be that they lack the will and commitment to challenge the two powerful political parties they must get passed to even have a hope of saving their deposits.
    Someone with influence has to have a straight talk with Bran and tell him that he is nearing the danger zone of communicating to Bahamians that they lack the political savvy to be provided with too much information so early on about his DNA.
    Even though I have said for months that Hubert (AKA) Papa will not lead his FNM cabinet into the upcoming General Elections no party should underestimate the power that can be exercised by this FNM cabinet.
    The just announced road building projects is evidence that they control the treasury and have never shown any hesitation not to use it their political advantage. Former PM Christie made the mistake of pulling back in 2007 and it cost his party the government.
    There is no replay let’s try this again option with elections. Could it be the DNA has now become politically frighten?
    It is difficult for others to leave the FNM and join with the DNA when it seems to be hesitating to make the moves many were expecting before and after the fancy night at the Cable Beach’s event that now seems to have been more showcasing than commitment?

    • Right now, I want to support the DNA, but they are not getting my vote until I could understand what they dealing with. I want hear policies and how they intend to implement them, before I make up my mind about going to the polls. They need to come with what they dealing with and come quick. I don’t want nobody throwing nothing on me the last minute.

  6. @ Coconut Grove

    Stay on top of what story. The only “story” exist in your imagination. The determiners, the young voters between the ages of 18 – 35 years, have had enough of this PLP and FNM nonsense and will demonstrate that in a resounding way come election day. Floating “nonsense” and writing articles around it may have worked on you (in your younger days as an electorate) but that foolishness is passe’ to US.

    During a group discussion that I observed (among strictly first and second time voters) one participant remarked “I don’t have a problem with the FNM or PLP governing this country again, but it will have to be after WE have given someone else a chance and they have failed us TOO. I will have to be a (donkey) to vote for those same parties who I know have failed me, and I know will fail me again, while there is another party around and without giving them a chance.” After this comment the ENTIE audience errupted into cheers and approving gestures of high-fiving each other. That comment brought an end to the discussion and his comment “clearly” became the operating philosophy of that entire group. Not one of them openly declared that they will vote for the DNA, but it is more than obvious that not one of them intends to vote for the FNM or PLP. This is what is happening on the ground. They trust each other, listen to each other and regard the views of each other beyond all institutions, be it BP, Steve McKinney, newspapers or any political party machinery. So, when BP writes it goes over their head (they don’t check for it).

    • @ Storm

      I noticed you like to holla back at me, man the truth really hurts you I guess. Anyway keep spinning for the DNA.

      The DNA is a new party and is already failing miserably to live up to it’s name. “Democratic”? Come on even you have to admit that there has to be something or somethings wrong when an individual forms a party and does not even leave the leadership post open to be contested and won by an intra-party election.

      Storm, or Branville or Judas, whichever name you prefer, there is an obvious defective character trait in Mr.Mccartney. Mr.Mccartney is so caught up in being prime minister that he will not allow any form of democracy to determine the leadership of his party. Additionally, after listening to Mccartney speak and answer easy questions from the media, especially News Break 12 and the Nassau Guardian, where his lousy jounalist or journalousy cousin Juan Mccartney works, I can accurately say that Branville Mccartney doesn’t posses a profound intellect that inspires anyone who isn’t blinded by his superficiality.

      When you look at the individuals who are attracted to the DNA you see a bunch of wannabes who couldn’t cut it in the other parties. For that matter DNA should stand for:

      Oh and by the way since you like defending Branville “Judas” Mccartney, please defend his lousy, underperformance at the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation. Again Mccartney’s performance at Immigration was very underwhelming when compared to other ministers who held the post.

  7. The doomsayers are claiming the world, as we know it will end tomorrow Saturday night May 21, 2011, starting with an apocalypse size earthquake in New Zealand at 6:00 PM and will move across the earth and hit the Bahamas before midnight, to complete their Judgment Day predication.
    Only the sinners will remain alive whose turn for destruction won’t come for another six months in October.
    Any bets and the odds spread “up/down” of who survives for another six months?

    • @Tal Johnson
      Papa and his Cabinet will definitely survive along with some PLPs,some Revs who dont seem to know right from wrong and many on this site who are unable to call a spade a spade.Am off to spend all of my remaining money since I wont be here.

  8. The minute Bran started expressing himself, Papa aint never had anything good in store for him. When he was there, the members of the FNM didn’t know how to appreciate him. He was a jewel among them just waiting to shine, but they were too consumed with jealousy to even notice. Now they trying to grab hold of his coat tail, because they could see he going places, not a day like it!!! Bran already been there and done that, he has no reason to turn back now. He go back now, he would be like Lot’s wife and turn into a pillar of salt. Let Carl, Dion and Tommy stay there putting up with Papa’s temper tantrums and acting like a bunch of brainless children who you have make all the decisions for. It wouldn’t be surprising if Papa makes the decisions in their homes and bedrooms for them. They could have done what Bran did, if it wasn’t for the serious fear Papa have in them and you think Bran want go back to that? I don’t think so. Sir Durward and his plans, will be just fine.

  9. Branville will stay to save face, but some of the FNM’s will return to the party, when they realize that there are certain people amoung them that are working for the PLP. Bran has been to naive to figure it out, but Ingraham has seen it.

  10. Stay on top of this story BP. I really think you are onto something. If these alledged negotiations bear fruit a lot of people will be left with egg on their faces, namely: Steve Mckinney and Dr.Donaldson.

    Steve Mckinney has proven time and time again that he is not the objective journalist that he purports to be. Objectivity is as foreign to Mr.Mckinney as a Bahamian is in China.

    Dr.Donaldson was asked to psycho-analyze Mr.Mccartney on Mckinney’s show the other day. The doctor knows Mr.Mckinney is already in the DNA camp so he pretended to stammer and mutter some incoherent foolishness.

    BP, stay on top of this story so that regardless of what happens, whether Mccartney remains in the DNA or returns to the FNM, Bahamians will see that fly by night prime minister wannabes like Mccartney exposed for who they really are–grown-up, spoiled middle class children who think they are entitled to lead this country. The DNA’s organizational chart is evidence of it.

    People forget Mccartney was the Minister of State for Tourism and Aviation and he was a failure at that job. At the Immigration Department Mccartney’s job performance was unremarkable when compared to Mr.Shane Gibson’s performane, the former Minister of Immigration.

    Bahamians need to remember one thing, it was Mr.Branville Mccartney who lost self-control and walked out of a cabinet meeting. Mccartney displayed on that day that he was not leadership material. Insolence towards our executive leaders shouldn’t even be tolerated, especially the way Mccartney went about it.

    So after throwing the first blow at the FNM what did Mr.Mccartney do. Mccartney unable to take a return blow, ran to the public crying about his oppression under PM Ingraham. Remember, PM Ingraham was the man who gave Mccartney his start. Wow!!! Look how Mccartney repays loyalty and trust!!! Mccartney betrayed PM Ingraham and the FNM.

    Well, Mr.Mccartney or Judas, as an independent voter I will never vote for any politiician who betrays his organization under the given circumstances.

    Branville Mccartney I will now refer to you as Judas!!! Judas Mccartney!!!

  11. I just love the campaign season as it confirms what has been said here on this site for the past four years.McCartney is playing hard ball right now and I will bet that he is trying to push Papa out so he can run as FNM Leader during the 2012 Gen elects.The fair tomorrow is a strategic move to show his numbers and force ballsless persons in the FNM to put Papa on the curve.Branville is hoping that disaffected FNMs like Wells,Allen,Turnquest and company will come aboard and cause the FNM to make a move.1977 all over again.

  12. I’m hungry mommy can we go to the DNA Big Steak Out. Child ain’t I tell you don’t be remind me of that “FNM cabinet” in my house. Doesn’t you know them politician ain’t given no free food out to the folks with no jobs. Them two so smart for grabbing the working peoples cash, one week they hold it under their FNM name and the next week they right back again doing another Big Steak Out under their other fund raising name the DNA.”

  13. @media

    I love your website, but brother you gatta come tougher than that.

    Please bring more proof, cause right now Bran still looking good literally and figuratively.

    Bring more to convince me to vote another way.

  14. Mr. McCartney your message of Change has been accepted by us the people and we will not be distracted by the detractors of Change. DNA will form the next government of the Bahamas. Former PLP now voting for the DNA.

      • So what? I’d have to say they are the lesser of two evils and if Mr. McCartney can gain sufficient support and put an actual agenda together on paper he could cause an upset either way. The worst case scenario for him then would be to be part of a coaltion government. I hope it happens, as the old dinosaurs of the past need a good shake up after letting the working class down for decades. The “chickens have come home to roost” now that the middle class are striving too.

    • Form a Government, they will need to win a seat first. Branville will be a seatless leader, just like Tommy was in 2002. What change will Branville and the DNA bring, what are his plans, vision and ideas? He has no agenda just hot air. We must judge Branville accordng to his record, and his record shows him voting and agreeing with Hubert Ingrham and the FNM on every major pice of legislation between 2007 to now, is that change, oh wow.So lets hold him accountable for his action. He voted to increase taxes on the bahamina people, he voted to bring 8500 chinese into this country, he voted for all of the major rd works that is causing so much stress on bahamian now, he said that Ingrham is SIMPLY THE BEST,He cannot be trusted.

  15. You can say what you want BP, but one thing for sure is that it is NOT true. I have my sources and we know no such thing is happening.

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