Ingraham kept public Servant DOWN for four years!

    Hubert Ingraham

    Nassau, Bahamas — After keeping the Civil Service down for four years with promotion and increment freeze, the Ingraham Government is now signaling they will lift the band and free the people.

    Many remember how only one Public Service, a relative of the PM, ascended in the system while scores of others stalled under the FNM regime.

    Ingraham withheld Christie’s planned salary increase also for public servants for four years and clearly refused to listen to workers in their fight for freedom.

    Now it is an election year for Pinder and for the FNM everything is loosening up. All of a sudden both Papa and Pinder gat verbal diarrhea and is seeking to cleanse their once hushed silence for the public servants.

    We believe the people who are employed by the service will read through all this smoke and mirror and do the right thing.

    John Pinder

    For four years Papa and Pinder ignored due promotions in the service. For four years PAPA and Pinder avoided offering salary increases to workers of the service; though it was earmarked following the 2007 general elections. Pinder watched Papa called his members in Customs, Immigration and in the Police Thieves and Rogues and did nothing.

    Now elections are around the corner and the service is pissing mad as hell now here comes the doggie bag?

    Tell Papa, Pinder the FNM and they child the DNA NO, NO, NO!


    We Need Change!


    1. I simply asked you to enlighten me and all reaaders of this forum about your accomplishments. Surely you must be proud of them. So what are they? If I am wrong, I will say it again: I will apologize.

      • First of all, I do not have anything to report to you because I am of the view that you will not understand anyway. You jumped into this situation “foot first” without examining the the thrust of the point made. It is obvious that you were more concerned with what you determine to be my lack of “facility” with the English language. Obviously you are an expert with the English language…one who does not know when to use a full stop (period) or a question mark. Secondly, you went on to equate my “facility” with the English Language to that of an eight grader without examining your lack of “facility” with the English language. Thirdly, without looking at the fact that I said that the promotion that I received was given in 2002 (200s posted in error)and that I said that I was on the list for promotion in 2007, you decided that promotions and any other changes within the Public Service were due to the downturn in the economy. A cursory glance at the infomation that I presented by anyone who has a modicum of common sense and the ability to deduce information or the ability to be objective would have come to different conclusion. Instead you have made this interchange (if I may refer to it as such)the center of what you referrred to as my inability to use the English Language. It would appear to the casual observer that you are a political apologist for whatever political party that you support. I have neither the time, patience, inclination or the temperament to continue a dialogue with someone of you ilk. When you set out to question the ability, standards, contributions, and qualifications of others, you must be prepared to lay the same as they relate to you on the table. Your apology is neither required, expected or respcted at this juncture. You are just not the type of person (one who jumps to unwarranted conclusions) with whom I would like to have any dialogue because it would serve no useful purpose. In closing, I have seen many posts on this website where the English language was “desecrated” and I do not ever remember seeing a comment from you. Suffice it to say that your rabid response was initiated by your support for the political entity that you support. I have learned a long time ago that persons such as yourself will and cannot respond any differently because you lacked the objectivity, ability, and intelligence to do so. My accomplishments are mine and are known to those who care to acknowledge them…these are persons whom I respect. These are persons who have the ability to discern the difference in the use a full stop (period)and a question mark. They also have the ability to understand how to be objective. Please do not shame yourself any further by exposing your obvious ignorance. Have a good life!

      • Nsmith, It is quite obvious that you dont know who you are dealing with because if you knew, you would swollow your words big time. It is also troubling to see how we talk to our public servants who have given most of their adult life to service of our Country. Looking at his qualifications, obviously they were from reputable istitutions. It also seems as if he or she may have worked in Education and other Government Ministries. I therefore humbly ask that you consider withdrawing your comments as in my view and right thinking bahamians were senseless to the core. I say again in closing, If you only knew who you were in dialogue with, you would swollow your comments with pride

    2. Civil Servant,

      Your last two posts were rife with even more egregious grammatical errors. The unfortunate, simple truth is that your command of the English language is roughly eighth grade level.

      To your point of “the bigger picture”, you are the one missing it: your promotion was postponed due to hard economic realities.

      Please let us all know what your major accomplishments were. These must be measurable. In other words (for your simple-minded sake) tell us all how we the Bahamian people benefited from your efforts.

      I’ll bet you can’t do that, but if I’m wrong, I will apologize to you. Remember, your achievements must be tangible and measureable.

      I look forward to your reply.

      • I have come to the sad conclusion that it is not worth my while to respond to you any further. You have absolutely no clue about that which you are babbling. You do not know when to use a question mark or a full stop. You are attempting to gain credibility through having this exchange with me. You do not know what my accomplishmnets are or have been. The fact of the matter is that right and wrong are not the province of any political party. What is your claim to fame? What have you done that was beneficial to The Bahamas. Who died and left you in charge? How can you challenge the accomplishments of someone with whom you are not familiar? That is the reason why The Bahamas is in the mess it is in today…because of people like yourself who jump to conclusions without being aware of the facts. The situation, of which I spoke in my initial post, took place long before the economic down turn in the economy took place. Anyone who knows me can attest to my ability and accomplishments. Therefore I advise you to leave well enough alone because I feel that you are out of your element.

    3. Hubert (AKA) Papa placed the civil servants job protection above the rest of the Bahamian employees in the thousands who were sent home because of layoffs.
      If the government’s taxes collected are less, then many civil servants too should have been sent home to face paying their mortgages and rent without being able to rely on a steady paychecque from this FNM cabinet.
      Many Bahamians continue to have to put their dreams on hold because there is no jobs, so who made Hubert (AKA) God to look after his government’s own workers, for votes?

    4. the problem with this situation is simple,the public service is overstaffed to the limit,we simply have too many on the public payroll,and some of them are good hardworking dedicated people and deserve a raise but on the other hand some just collect a paycheck at the end of the month what they dont deserve.Then we have some who dont want to retire clogging up the system,this i blame both PLP and FNM retire those people who have reached retirement,fire those slackers who dont want to come to work,steal government property and who is just plain lousy get rid of them and when these kids come out of school they can also join the civil service if they want to,but if the government is unable to give a raise across the board then lower prices on food,gas and licences .the Bahamian people need a relief right now not some lame excuse.

    5. The FNM government in the midst of tough times did not lay off one civil servant, unlike other Caribbean countries that had whole sale firings. Even Cuban had layoffs in the millions. Mr. Ingraham stayed on course and offered help programs and temporary jobs to assist his countrymen. This is remarkable and shows just how much compassion this leader possess. Under Christie’s government there was one raise of $100 to civl servants and that was a final payout arrange that he was force to pay because of a bargaining arrangement left by the FNM. People had to actually demonstrate to get what was agreed too by their union. Ask John Pinder if you don’t believe me. To add insult to a difficult circumstance Christie raised pensioners a meager $50 per month. Check the record and see where The FNM moved pensioners cheques since they had to govern. I say The FNM deserve to be thanked for their caring ways in the midst of the Global economic turmoil. For this they deserve the vote of the civil servants.

      • NOW DAS A LIE CAPRICE! Hubert Ingraham didn’t fire ONE he fire whole departments. Like the Hotel Corporation. He closed the entire department down and sent the workers HOIME! Public servants were sent home in CUSTOMS, the police and in the department of Immigration. YOU IS A DMAN LIAR CAPRICE and the People of the Bahamas ya show yall just what time it is for speaking ya DAMN LIES!


        • @Media/Caprice

          Looks like you both are correct! How could it be? Ingraham’s administration did fire all the corrupt customs, police and immigration officers who diserved to get sent home. On the other hand I must agree with Caprice that in the whole picture of things this goverment has done a great job in keeping people in their civil servants jobs when the economy called for drastic and immediate cuts.

          Give credit where credit is due man. I am not about the redundant political engine running this country what I want to see is Bahamians becoming more respectful of one another and understanding that we are all going to rise together or we all going to fall together!

          BP you have already showed your hand on what side of the fence you are on. Why don’t you use your forum here for the good of the Bahamian public and stay liberal and pro-bahamian? Or maybe you don’t realize what that means?

          • But Funky you call them corrupt as Ingraham did. But what about the ones he FIRED at BEC, WATER and Sewerage and the entire staff at the HOTEL Corporation? I cannot believe you guys actually believe Ingraham’s Diatribe when the facts are there to prove otherwise.


            • @Media, if you do your unbaised homework on the Hotel Corporation you will not even have to question me about it. That whole Government venture was a complete debackle and had failure, corruption and misappropriation of public funds written all over it. It was time to clean house and I am glad that Ingraham had the balls to do it.

              We ask for change – but it seems like we only want change when it suits us. We can’t accept change when it makes us a bit uncomfortable. We can go back to the 1993 Commission of Inquiry and see how much dirt (I want to use the word *hit but I will be nice) was just swept under the run. But you know I believe in letting the past be the past. Why you bringing this up now? Oh, my bad… I forgot it is elections time now.

    6. As far as I remember the FNM met an economy in great condition. And why if things were so tough because of the economic down turn, why would a government invest in a $250,000 toilet and roads for millions of dollars that were not necessary, instead of helping Bahamians keep their HOMES and JOBS, by lifting some of the unnecessary contraints placed on the average man from these big international banks and of course the fire sale of BTC.

      In addition while we talking about civil servants, please someone ask the Min of Education, Min Bannister, when is he going to form the board at BTVI?? When is he going to bring the necessary relief to the many contract workers at BTVI. These workers never know if they are going to have a job one day or the next,they are given no raises even when other civil servants get, they get no pension benefits or promotions or gratuities.Please minister stop forgetting these workers.

      Minister Bannister at least a pay raise should be given man, these people doing the same job as permanent workers, with no relief in sight.

      Somethings need to be done before election Min. Bannister

    7. While we are all talking about labour issues not to many persons are realizing the flim flam, however check it for yourself you only hear from john pinder just before labour day or election when last was the bpsu website updated compare that site with bermuda public service union web site , you will see that politicians and labour leaders keep most of us in the dark.

    8. I am torn on this one. The economy has been suffering, so civil servants have to realize that the government had to cut back. Someone said it, the economy was bad, and many countries around the world let go of lots of their civil servants to slash budgets. However, the economy has not recovered, so this policy should stay in place. Don’t further bankrupt the country just so you can win elections.

    9. Bahamians are some ungrateful people. During these tough economic times countries around world laid off half of its civil servants just to cut cost. This administration didn’t lay off a single person by cutting back on increments, promotions, and hiring. People need to be thankful that they have a job and stop complaining.

      • Bahamians should be ungrateful. What has Ingraham and his government done for the BLACK BAHAMIANS.
        Ingraham knowns Tommy is not attorney, how can you be in charge of crime, when you do not have the knowledge. Mr. Ingraham sold his soul to the WHITE BOYS. Ask him his financial status now vs 2000.

    10. @ civil servant seems to me you have a problem, You should be embrassed to come here accusing yourself of been more qualified then the CEO of a fortune 500 company and you are a lowly civil servant.

      You are NOT TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH and you may not have what it takes so you are still at the end begging for a promotion… You should leave if you can find another job which I seriously doubt…

      Leave go and put your false qualifications to work and stop wasting cyberspace complaining about nothing.

      • @thank God for the FNM
        I had made up my mind to ignore persons like you who have nothing to add to any argument.How dare you nincompoo tell a civil servant to get lost because our party is in charge.One thing you satify me with is the fact that any as%***# can be stupid.I really want to lay you out with words but just imagine that am someone who is watching out for psychos like you who do as they are told despite knowing that what you support is wrong.

      • You are so ill informed that your diatribe is not worthy of a response. When you choose to respond in a public forum, you should have something to add to the discussion at hand. My qualifications are all from reputable institutions and were not purchased from a paper mill. Maybe if you had attended school long enough, you would not be spouting off such assinity in a public forum. It is obvious that there is not a thought between your two ears.

    11. The party that can create an economy that will generate more money for the people to look after their own livelihoods will win the votes. The rest is idle chatter.
      This FNM government is quickly turning the Bahamas into a socialist state where the citizens are fast becoming dependent on the handouts of government.
      The people will elect the next government from the party that can create a viable economy that will put money back into the pockets of all Bahamians. The rest is no more than idle talk among the three political parties.
      Put money in our pockets through jobs and business opportunities and the people will look after families on their own. The way Bahamians have managed to do long before this FNM cabinet took it away.
      The people want their money back. If you’re broke all the time you ain’t no good to anybody.

    12. BP this FNM cabinet’s stink is all over them and the people don’t need a windy day to smell their disgusting stench.
      No matter how hard they try to stop their stink bombs from escaping the cabinet room, there ain’t no stink bomb deflector ever invented that can stop them.
      No jobs for the unemployed but an unlimited supply of FNM cabinet stink bombs.
      When you smell one there is no mistaken it’s from the ass of a FNM cabinet minister.

    13. well i’ve been working in bimini the hotel closed down reopened and we aint get paid yet, but yet the government let a new set of people opened up the same hotel do you think this is fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. I was of them who was eminently qualified and was ignored for the up until 200s when the new administration took office. I am informed that I was due to be promoted in 2007 when the recommendtions were left in place by the outgoing administration. Suffice it to say that my qualifications are not phantom. I have a Masters Degree in Public Administration with a minor in Planning and Economic Development, Masters Degree in Education with a focus in Curriculum and Instruction, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communication and a Minor in Education, and a Teachers’ Certificate. I am presently completing studies leading to Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership. Unfairness abound in this fair Bahamaland

      • Both Mr Ingraham Mr Pinder needs to go, they have made the workers of this Country suffer for too long, i have had the opportunity to get the angry hand of these men in 2008 when i was let go off my job, i went to the union and he did nothing infact he agreed with Mr Ingraham that we should have been let go because we were not hired right in the first place, now the time has come for both of these men to go where they belong. Mr Pinder did not care then and he does not care now, it is all about the money that they can carry home for them and their family, they could care less about how me and my children would have eat from now until today but thank God for a man called Jesus, he is now dealing with all of them for what thay did Mr. Pinder would not see power any more CAUSE GOD WILL REMOVE HIM FOR WHAT HE DID TO GOD’S PEOPLE HE AND HIS GOVERNMENT AND HE CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Civil Servant,

        You have all those degrees but can’t properly punctuate simple sentences? Please tell us which schools you went to so we don’t send our children there.

        • @nsmith you sre being fscetious. In this type of writing it is informsl. However, if you were intelligent enough, you would have responded to the the fairness of the situation that was presented. Instead you decided to “nit pick.” It is obvious that you do not have a reasoned response because you do not grasped the enormity or the gravity of the situation. If you lack the depth and the perception, you should refrain from responding in this type of fora.Upon review of what was written in my response, the word “one” was word missing and a full stop was inadertently omitted at the end of the last sentence. The post was written in simple sentences, but of course you do not have the common sense to see that. If you were as intelligent as you present yourself to be, you would not have ended the first sentence of your enlightened response with a question mark. Your “impressive” response consisted of two declarative sentences and should have ended with full stops. Before you set out to correct others, please ensure that your writing is grammatically correct. At least I am able acknowledge and correct my errors…that is advantage of being qualified.

          • Before you continue your “nit picking”, there are two corrections in my response to you. They are as follows: (a) “are” and “facetious” in the first sentence. Of course because you are so perfect and qualified, you would probably miss them anyway. In closing, I am sure that if I give one of the subjects from my School Leaving Certificate, you would be over qualified.

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