Former Cabinet Minister case continued yesterday in court with no sign as to when the case will begin!


Not one media house covered the hearing of Kenred Dorsett yesterday – YA MEAN THE WUTLESS MEDIA DEM are hiding the facts too?! Former Cabinet Minister cannot get JUSTICE IN THE BAHAMAS!

Former Environment and Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett

NASSAU| For two years now the former Minister for the Environment, Kenred Dorsett, has had to be dragged through a lengthy legal process where the Government has decided to do absolutely nothing with the case.

Yesterday the former Member of Parliament was again brought to the court to hear, once again, nothing pertaining to his case, just to be told to return back at the end of April.

These are political persecutions and are an act of crime against citizens! How could the state attempt to involve themselves in the arrest and detention of persons who oppose them politically, and yet cannot proceed with any case before the courts.

And what is worse is the fact that the WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas, who are supposed to act to help protect the rights of all people, have said absolutely nothing in the newspapers this morning as to how the State cannot even organize itself to conclude its own case. WHAT A SHAME!

Not one media outlet [Guardian or Tribune] mentioned how Mr. Dorsett was back in court, only to hear nothing on his matter but another date of adjournment. Something has to be dangerously wrong with this!

“The Bahamian Judicial System has stooped to new lows. No one ever dreamed that we would descend to this low point for years without aa active Chief Justice, interference in prosecutions, clear exercises of collusion and rank persecution by the Government against Bahamians!” a noted attorney told Bahamas Press.

These incidents of judicial interference are now no longer a matter for the Bahamas to address, but a serious matter for the Organization of American States, The United Nations, CARICOM and The Court of Human Rights to address and cause international pressure to come down on this Minnis-Led Regime!

Last year the Crown decided to drop the four counts of extortion and one count of misconduct in public office against former Minister Dorsett. Nothing further, now for two years, has proceeded with this case involving allegations by Jonathan Ashe, who it is now known to be on a public payroll outside the Ministry of Finance at $30,000 per month. No one in the Government can explain why these huge payments are being paid to Ashe – authorized by Cabinet.

We report yinner decide!