Foulkes fired from BAIC and will now take a pay cut in new job as Parliamentary Secretary …


SUNDAY SPECIAL: Michael Foulkes quietly accepts pay cut and remains silent over axing at BAIC! Someone must now tell us why he was removed!

Fired BAIC Chairman Michael Foulkes.

By Alexander James/ Editor BP

Nassau – Michael Foulkes had to abruptly and immediately take a pay cut from his job as Executive Chairman of BAIC after a letter sent with the instructions of Prime Minister MOST HONOURABLE EVER Hubert Minnis through Minister Michael Pintard to have Foulkes pack up his bag and immediately get out of the office.

Foulkes, for months after speculations and revelations only on Bahamas Press, revealed how the Farmer’s Markets operated by BAIC were running in the red, owing scores of vendors. But in defiance of our reports, Foulkes – no later than last week Friday – held a press conference, arguing that all was well and went even further, suggesting that BAIC had some $300,000 sitting in the bank.

Foulkes told the media in his statement that his Farmer’s Markets were not just profitable, but were expanding their project to bring fresh produce to the community.

But, oh! What a difference one week brings. In an abrupt decision, the Cabinet ordered Foulkes out of the building this past week. We wonder if the press of the Bahamas gets that yet? Or are they still fanning the lie Foulkes reported to them. Yinner see how wutless they are?

Bahamas Press, long before October 18, reported to you, the people, how serious scandalous developments were unfolding particularly deep inside BAIC Farmer’s Market Programme.

We reported how “…the [BAIC] Corporation’s Farmer’s Market programme is now more than $150,000 in the red. Thousands are missing and the profit and loss paperwork has failed to be handed over to the Minister for Cabinet.”

But ain’t a damn soul in the media followed up our report. PM Most Honourable Ever did, though, and on Thursday he kicked Foulkes like a football on a Super Bowl Sunday afternoon.

But further now, as Foulkes takes a pay cut, protected by his brother Dion Foulkes, brother-in-law Carl Bethel and Father Arthur Foulkes, PM Most Honourable Ever has a duty to the Bahamian people. PM Minnis should remember his words on May 16th, 2017 when he warned his Government about corruption, and his team exhibiting an form of “unsavoury or unethical requests”. The PM added that he intends to lead a government with the “highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their public duties.” These are the words he used. And so here comes the questions:

1)     Was Foulkes involved in any incident that violated the PM’s Codes of Standards as enunciated at Government House?

2)     Why was he abruptly fired [Without Advance Notice] as Executive Chairman of BAIC with vast powers and influence over Industry and Commerce in the Bahamas?

3)     Was he fired after failing to account for Profit and Loss Statements to the Cabinet Of the Bahamas involving the sale of items at the Farmer’s Markets?

4)     And could the Prime Minister explain and account to ‘WE DA PEOPLE’ on why he really axed Michael Foulkes – for a second time – and has now appointed him, with a demotion, with less pay, as a Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Social Services? How come Vaughn Miller and Travis Robinson got fired with explanation and never reappointed – but Foulkes gets fired twice and reappointed for a third time with nothing to explain? WHAT IS THAT Mr. MOST HONOURABLE EVER?!

Anyway, we ga wait on answers to our questions just like the many questions we posted on the Farmer’s Markets that were never answered.

PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER … you are not being open and transparent in this case! We DA PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS await a response from you!

We report yinner decide!