Fox Hill residents drinking rusty water



Residents have been complaining for months about the rusty water delivered from in the Fox Hill water supply. This water is being spilled from a hydrant in the area by water and sewerage workmen. However releasing the rusty water will not stop people from getting sick, The pipping needs to change with the greatest urgency.


  1. WATER!!! Thanks for bring up this topic:

    We have the same rusty water problem in the Mollie & Ida, Street, Pear Dale and many other surrounding streets.
    I maybe wrong, but am convince the problem stems from that BIG BLUE TOWER which was erected under the former government.
    We had fairly good water until the “RUSTY MONSTER” was erected. That is when the rust in the water became unbearable.
    The tower became an “eye-sore” with visible rust on the exterior, so somebody decided to paint the tower blue (I wonder if inside of the tower meets international standards). Can you IMAGIAN THE “POSSIBLE” RUST accumulating on the inside of the tower if the steel was not painted or protected in some form?

    I must admit, Water & Sewage responses fast when we put in a complaint. They would do something with the pipes, but in a few days the rust is back.

    Another concern I have is when a crew of workers comes around tampering with under ground pipes, BUT there is NO sign of Water & Sewage or Ministry of Works “LOGO” in sight. Do we have a crew of people that wants us to start buying water to wash with?

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