Funeral home owners test positive for coronavirus and staff remain untested as home remains open to the public!


Funeral Home has a big funeral for former senior police!

The morgue

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting widespread COVID19 infections at a funeral home right here in the capital.

We can report that a local funeral home has had some six COVID19 positive tests recorded among its staff since last week and, up to today, the funeral home operation remains open and its property has yet to be sanitized.

BP, acting on a tip from our constant health officials inside the Health Department, can reveal that the wife of the Funeral Home owner has tested positive for the virus and today is in hospital in a critical state. We pray for her.

On Friday past, the owner of the funeral home operation also tested positive and has also fallen ill, but is not critical enough to be hospitalized. And, although he is home in self-quarantine, he has ordered that business not close and that the staff must report to work even though infections have spread within the facility.

What is worse is the fact that there was a huge family viewing and a public viewing at the said funeral home for a retired uniform branch officer, who is about to be laid to rest tomorrow.

BP can confirm that none of the staff at the funeral home has been tested. The home remains open to the public. The building has not been sanitized and, although complaints of these developments have been forwarded to both government and health officials, there is still no response on this matter since Friday past.

BP is calling on the government to order serious testing at this funeral home and all funeral home facilities across the country. They should be thoroughly checked and the staff tested for COVID before the family comes crying and rolling over the floor in front of their dead.

We report yinner decide!