Garbage all around on Grand Bahama



A quiet community inhabited by residents and visitors is plagued by illegal dumping along its road and waterway.

Freeport, Bahamas – Appalled by indiscriminate dumping, Port Of Call residents have joined forces to officially clean-up their neighbourhood.

“The road was lined with debris from the western entrance all the way down to the dead-end,” described Mr. Don Mitchell, Port Of Call Villas’ resident. “Mounds of garbage were at the canal easement including fast food containers, condoms, needles and household refuse.”

The quiet street is a popular retreat for nearby residents who regularly use it for exercise and other recreational purposes.  After noticing the frequent dumping, residents and out-of-town visitors of Port Of Call Villas & Condominium Association, Mayfield Beach Tennis Club & Association, and Seabreeze Executive Suites, decided to act.

Clean-up efforts were launched in January by Stan and Tatiana Sargeant, homeowners and long-time visitors to the island for over 20 years.  The couple initially sought to collect the garbage on their own during daily walks but quickly recognized the magnitude of the problem.  After encouraging other residents to join them, the group pooled monetary donations and hired a workman to collect the garbage. “In all, he collected 259 large trash bags over a 7-day period,” stated Mitchell.

To discourage dumping nearby the canal, the Port Of Call group has purchased garbage bins which they regularly empty themselves.  With the assistance of the Environmental Department of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Ltd, ‘No Dumping’ signs have also been strategically posted.

Environmental Manager of GBPA, Mrs. Nakira Wilchcombe praised the group’s initiative, “GBPA applauds the Port of Call group, who has now been officially dubbed the 1st community group known as “Keep Port of Call Clean” for addressing indiscriminate dumping in their community. Such efforts are worth imitating as they demonstrate what can be accomplished through self-driven initiatives. It is unfortunate when others show disregard for the environment and the personal surroundings of others. We hope that their example would encourage other communities to work together and do their part in keeping their environment clean.”