GARDINER AND MILLER arrive back home and not greeted with any fanfare, thanks to Lanisha Rolle!

Stephen Gardiner, Shaunae and husband Maicel Uibo.

NASSAU| And so our WORLD GAMES track stars all came home today through LPIA: Stephen Gardiner, Gold Medalist in the Men’s 400m, and Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Silver Medalist in the Women’s 400m race.

She arrived here with her husband and Mr. Uibo, and there was no fanfare from the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture. Does anyone know where Lanisha Rolle has been hiding?

Now, if Michael Pintard was still the Minister, THAT CELEBRATION PARADE would have kicked off from LPIA!

Some people will not get elected ever again to run our business! I tell ya dat!

We report yinner decide!