Governor General’s Throne goes missing in Parliament Square


Sir Arthur Foulkes delivers Speech from the Throne

Governor General’s Throne goes missing!

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into the Bahamas Press confirms that the Throne and the glass table used at the Opening of Parliament during the reading of the speech from the Throne was picked up by unknown persons.

Bahamas Press is requesting that the items be returned to Government House forthwith!

And after they have been delivered, please take the Governor General in its stead.

Bahamas Press warns the culprits that they are on candid camera exiting the square with the items.

We say, return the items forthwith before the long arm of the law and serious deadly saturation patrol come at your door.

We report yinner decide!

I you see this priceless chair the Governor General sat in this week, we ask you to take it to Government House and take the Governor in return. SOME RECKLESS, CARELESS, WUTLESSS individual stole the chair right out of Rawson Square on Wednesday afternoon. Yinner see why we want the Cat-o-nine back. The chair was a gift to the Bahamas from the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. But some JACKASS decided to carry it home. SHAMELESS!!! Bring Back the people's chair!!!!!! THIEF!!!!


  1. Your slur against the Governor General is out of order.
    The Governor General, the symbolic head of our national family, is a high and honoured office beyond the political fray. GGs do not come and go with elections. So,let us be respectful of the highest office in the land and the office holder.

  2. Hello media, I find the comments in your third paragraph most offensive and an absolute disgrace that to you would say such a thing in reference to His Excellency.

    You see, some things are beyond polotics, those of you who have keyboard and communications skills ought to ensure that those of us that frequent this and other mediams like this, appreciate the high office His Excellency holds.

    C’mon man, be responsible, dammit!

    And while it shouldn’t matter, I voted PLP, but I’m Bahamian First.

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