Graveyards in massive construction mode across the country – BP sits with a Gravedigger….


NASSAU| Real story happening right now – IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW HOW BAD THE COVID19 SITUATION is that is  overwhelming healthcare in the country, just visit any graveyard in the country and look at the massive grave construction underway right now. Graveyard DIGGING has become a growing industry employing scores daily.

BP sat down with one gravedigger today who recorded that in his 71 years on earth, “I have never seen anything like this hit the Bahamas.

“Right now my team is digging some seven new fresh graves today. That is just today. Last week we dug 10 new plots, and that is just my team. All this section here are fresh new graves, which were dug last week and you should see them here, BP. Crowds and crowds of family members burying their dead. This is real.

“They call it the Coronavirus, but It is more like a “Killer Virus” that has been unleashed on the western world. Don’t mind the numbers being issued in the health advisories. Go to the graveyards around the country and tell me what you see. Funerals every day and we cannot put them down fast enough,” he concluded.

Indeed, the visit at a graveside in New Providence was telling. Today two new burials were happening.  With another seven newly built graves for this weekend alongside, this is not stopping anytime soon.

We report yinner decide!