The GUARDIAN, watch this new masthead



The Guardian must not be serious with its new masthead. The People’s Newspaper? Eileen Carron must be fuming at the mouth this morning. The Guardian, tricked the Tribune into coming into their shop, now the Guardian has stole the slogan of the Tribune, ‘The People’s Newspaper’? Well some said the Tribune owned the Guardian, we believe the Guardian own the Tribune. One thing is sure no one now know the difference between the two. Our only concern to the Guardian with this edition is this, ‘WATCH THAT RED NAH!” A confirmation that media and the FNM government are in bed together, and now working together AGAINST THE PEOPLE!


  1. The Guardian owns the Tribune. The Tribune does not have enough money to actually purchase the Guardian and because those cut throat Colina bosses are so clueless about how to run a paper, their next best choice was to link up with the Tribune to manage their latest takeover.It gives the impression that the tribune has the majority ownership but that is exactly what they want the public to believe. Don’t be stupid people. superbrat also believes that his mom and pop are owners of the Guardian. He will get his wake up call eventually but since this is his first real job, we are sure that mom and dad are just playing along to make him feel important. The Tribune is only in competition with the tabloids while the Guardian needs new management because it just plain sux, stories and all. The red stripe takes away from everything else on the front page. Black is better.
    The people’s paper since 1844? PUHLEASSE!

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