Gunman/ex-boyfriend on the run from police shot up mother, two daughters and brother in violent near deadly attack Sunday morning – KILLER COMES HOME FOR DINNER!


Police say crime down but crime reporting is down! Man still on the run after gunning down four members of a family…

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has more on that near fatal shooting early this morning, around 4am, in the Cowpen Road area that has now left some three family members of a woman, and the ex-girlfriend, in critical condition in hospital.

Bahamian Police reported that the suspected gunman is now identified as wanted man, Eddington Alexander Burrows, 33-years-old of Coral Heights.

Now get this, young girls: One pretty girl name, Lithera Bethel, 33, is the ex-lover of wanted man Burrows, who decided on Sunday morning to load up an illegal weapon to shoot up her family home.

Now Burrows, who is known to police and is presently on bail for assault with a deadly weapon, shot Bethel in the hip after she ran off.

Then, before leaving, Burrows turned his weapon on Bethel’s mother, shooting her some five times, twice in stomach, twice in the back and under her arm.

But, as if that wasn’t enough, Burrows then turned the gun on Bethel’s sister and brother, shooting them both in the stomach and leg.

Others in the family home, including small children, fled for their lives as blood and bullets were flying everywhere. But ya see the wutless media would never tell you all the story like this. ONLY BP could give yinner the blow by blow account.

Well, they say crime down – we say crime and its details being reported is down.

Be aware who is coming home for dinner!

We report yinner decide!