Head of Security at LPIA axed by the New Day Government!


NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning a NEW DAY is coming alive this afternoon at the LPIA following the axing of a wicked rabid Minnis supporter. 

Sources hard on the ground inside the terminal at LPIA told BP Stephanie Demeritte from AIRPORT AUTHORITY has been relieved of her duties effective immediately!

Demeritte, who oversaw security operations at Lynden Pindling international Airport (LPIA), is a former superintendent of police.

However, when the Free National Movement took office in 2017, the staunch FNM supporter took a major career leap from superintendent to security chief of the country’s airports.

The former police officer was responsible for the terminations of scores of Bahamians back in 2017 at family island airports around the country telling them “THE CRAB SEASON IS OVER”! Well we at BP say CRAB SEASON HAS JUST BEGUN!

Demeritte will go with some 15 of her “torchers”, who knew almost nothing about important airport/aviation security. 

The move comes after serious and dangerous questions unfolded about the safety and security of airports around the country.

PLP VICEROY and Deputy Prime Minister I. Chester Cooper is holding no prisoners on those who come against the party faithful and this just the start of great news to come. 

Another pain in the side of the administration is Algernon Cargill, who we all recall was fired from NIB, and several other places after questionable concerns came to light. (ONLY BP HAS THE MANY FILES).

Cargill snaked his way into the Minnis Government and at one point held three jobs! Right now Cargill, Minnis cousin, wants to ax airport General Manager Milo Butler III who is on medical leave. HOW HEARTLESS! 

Why do you think these FNMs keep fooling with the decent BUTLER FAMILY?! Butler is the grandson of the country’s first Bahamian Governor General in an independent Bahamas! 

Also breaking news is coming out of the RBPF. This coming week we believe the Davis Government will announce new changes inside the top brass of the ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE and identify new leadership within the rank and file. 


We report yinner decide!