How could you get to PI for the Independence Celebrations without public transportation available?


Who celebrates an Independence event on Paradise Island? PLP Regime made it more difficult for Bahamians to join in the Launch of the fortieth Independence Concert on PI – Then BIG TIME PLP Entertainer turned the night political while serenading PLP leaders…

Locals excluded at fortieth Independence Celebrations opening concert. Event turned into a PLP money splurge on Paradise Island while the poor is committing suicide!

Nassau, Bahamas The gold rust Christie Government made an already bad situation worse when it opted to host the renaming concert in honour of Sir Sidney Poitier on the Paradise Island Bridge.

Concertgoers were thrilled at the spectacular event, which was held at the old Chalks site on Paradise Island.

The event was supposed to be a Bahamian night filled with Bahamian people celebrating the launch of the fortieth anniversary of Independence.

But what was to be a show of everything Bahamian later turned out to be a disaster when concert special guest for the evening turned the night into a PLP event.

International recording artist Bebe Winans began worshiping Christie’s PLP government as if he was somewhere in North Abaco fanning praises to Prime Minister Christie who told rally goers no matter who people pray to, they would still have to come through him.

Since that statement Christie has been talking out of his head lately; talking about exigencies and all manner of foolishness as he celebrated Sir Sidney.

One concertgoer saw Christie’s vain babblings like a king who went mad and began eating grass. Top leaders have warned Christie to go on vacation as the strain of the country’s woes are beginning to show signs of fatigue on the Prime Minister.

The concert night however also revealed the true nature of the Party which claimed during the May 7th General Elections that they “Believe in Bahamians”. But the concert proved that is not the case.

The PLP rejected a top Bahamian group –Bahamen – for the top spot at the Sir Sidney Concert and according to a source failed to invite anyone from the FNM, the American Embassy officials or any member of the diplomatic corps to the country’s anniversary launch.


But when one looks even closer, they would discover the collapsing Christie Regime also failed to invite poor Bahamians who supported the PLP in it bid to capture the government; and here’s what we mean.

Everyone knows the PLP is said to be the grassroots Party of the Bahamas and when it wants to invite Bahamians to something they organize their many rented shuttle buses to pick up supporters, or make certain that transportation is provided for a grand event. No so for the Independence Concert Opening Night.

In fact, members around the Cabinet knows full well that public buses are not allowed to access Paradise Island and therefore one must ask the question: why would the people who say they “Believe in Bahamians” not make provisions for people without transportation to get over the bridge?

Additionally, the questions must be put why could not the event be hosted on the Eastern Parade, which would have allowed Bahamians locals access nearer to the area of the PI bridge?

With the event as far as at the Chalks site, one had to have their own transportation to get over the bridge. Which was clearly the reason for the poor showing of Bahamians Friday night. How sad!

But here again is the shameful display and wanton disregard for Bahamians now coming from the PLP!

If ya didn’t want to invite us, Christie, just say so! Don’t tell us ya want us to come over PI and then laugh in ya head and say, “I want see how ya ga get over here!”


We report yinner decide!

Popular entertainer Puzzle at the Independence fortieth launch event Friday night away from the locals.