Hubert Ingraham, ‘the Bald Head Monk’ is Behind Lack of Justice in Joy Cartwright Brutal Killing!



<<< Ashley Newbold, Hubert Ingraham And Obi Pindling.

Nassau, Bah: Bahamas Press is confirming that several years ago, 2002 to be exact, after a long and tedious investigation, police presented then Prime Minister, Hubert Alexander Ingraham with a report that contained recommendations to charge both ASHLEY NEWBOLD (now deceased) and attorney OBI PINDLING with the brutal murder of Joyanne Cartwright, manager of 601 night club then owned by Brent Symonette.

Upon reading the report selfish Hubert Ingraham, who was VERY angry with the FNM at the time, decided that charging Obi Pindling would make it bad for the PLP during the fast upcoming 2002 elections. Ingraham had been rejected by the FNM and he was no longer leader of the party. He didn’t care what happened to the FNM and actually was heard saying he HOPED that the FNM lost the elections. He instructed the police to charge ASHLEY NEWBOLD and spare Obi Pindling. He furthered that the “new prime minister” could push for Pindling being charged if he wanted to. He washed his hands of it like Pontius Pilate.

This is just clear interference of justice in this country. The police can’t do their job because they have politicians interfering and preventing justice from prevailing. Had Obi Pindling been John Doe, he would have been captured and hauled off to court just like Ashley Newbold.

Hubert Ingraham should not be taken lightly, he is an evil man. He didn’t care about Joyanne Cartwright and her family who was left to identify her bullet riddled body. He only cared selfishly about his dying political career and who he was going to take down with him.

Obi Pindling and his father Sir Lynden employed Ashley Newbold during election seasons and to run errands for them around their law firm. Shortly after the murder of Joyanne Cartwright, Newbold skipped town while on bail for something else. He took up residence illegally in the U.S. and was being monetarily supported by Obi Pindling. Newbold told cops that Pindling didn’t pay him enough to murder Cartwright so he decided to get more money from him over the years.

Evidently, Pindling’s money train dried up and Newbold, being left out in the cold, decided to make the whole sordid story of the Cartwright killing known to the public to bring down the Pindling empire. Newbold’s plan backfired and he was caught and deported to Nassau where he was made to stand trial ALONE, because of Ingraham.

Newbold had alleged that he was hired by Pindling to kill Cartwright because of monies that she stole from his law firm, which belonged to a drug dealer client. Plus Pindling was angry as he said the he was roached by Brent Symonette.

Friends say that even though Pindling “got away with that crime”, he has never been the same afterwards. He apparently had heart trouble from fear and fretting that, he too, might be made to stand trial for the killing of Joyanne Cartwright, someone’s daughter, sister and mother.

Newbold was laid to rest this weekend past like a champion. BP’s RBPF “deep throat” said no one would have believed it was the burial of a stone cold killer. His funeral service took place at St. Agnes Church and he was given a full mass. Not only was his family and friends in attendance but members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force were also there in uniform and undercover to make sure none of his criminal buddies showed up and caused mayhem.

Pindling was seen in FirstCaribbean Bank, the morning after Newbold was mysteriously killed, allegedly transferring monies out of the country.

Hubert Ingraham, the blood of Joyanne Cartwright remains on your hands, no matter how much you wash them.


  1. Morehands I put it to you that YOU are a waste of time….how about you are wasting your time supporting a man who ordered another human’s death. IF this case was hear say, a jury would not have convicted Ashley Newbold. So you saying they convicted him on hear say? I will NOT be bullied by the likes of YOU. This is a VERY deep case and Obi Pindling is just a part of it as Ashley Newbold. He lucked out because of his last name and Hubert Ingraham’s selfish error.

    CDU and the courts of Nassau have ALL the evidence…..plenty crazy things go down in this little town but hardchore FNMs and PLPs keep their heads in the sand like Ostrichs and try to act like they dont know what’s going on.

    YOU are the ignorant one… ignorant you cant take your head out of someone’s butt cheeks long enough to realize HE GUILTY. I would really hate to be you right now. Stop idolizing people and accept facts. A girl is dead because of Ashley Newbold and Obi Pindling. And, Obi Pindling got away with it because of Hubert Ingraham

  2. Morehands :
    If it wasn’t 3am in the morning I would have wasted my time responding to you. But its too late in the night to waste my time. I will catch up with you and your ignorance tomorrow when I go online at Starbucks. In the meanwhile, perhaps try calling ASOVE.


  3. @Drama

    If it wasn’t 3am in the morning I would have wasted my time responding to you. But its too late in the night to waste my time. I will catch up with you and your ignorance tomorrow when I go online at Starbucks. In the meanwhile, perhaps try calling ASOVE.

  4. This is a TRUE story and I wonder why Morehands running so hot bout this. Did it hit home for you Morehands? Is Obi Pindling an associate of yours? This case caused a LOT of pain for a LOT of people, first and foremost Joyanne Cartwright’s family.

    This case was never properly tried because of political interferance. It will always be in the limelight as one culprit got away and the two others involved are now very dead.

    Morehands, if Joyanne was your child, would you have this same opinion??

    Believe me this is NOT HEAR SAY!!

  5. You are correct ‘Man O War’, Meadows did comment on this case some years back. But why would some of your fellow bloggers, namely canesfins and morehands, believe we concocted some story is beyond us? It tells you, there are many persons in this country who either HATE the TRUTH or are so use to walking through the backdoor, they have forgotten how the front door looks.

    Here is what he said (SEE BELOW)

    Ashley Newbold was sentenced today for the murder of Joyanne Cartwright who was a former 601 night club manager.

    The father of Joyanne Cartwright said on the news this evening that “ If Ashley Newbold was convicted then that means that the jury believes that All of the events of the case was true ”. He also added that he will be looking for further convictions in the case of his murdered daughter. Lawyers for Ashley Newbold said that “the Jury has made their decision and it is now left to the Police to continue the investigation into the case”.

    The son of the nation’s first Prime Minister, lawyer Obie Pindling, was also accused by Newbold to be involved in the murder of Joyanne Cartwright. Pindling claims that there is a conspiracy against him and that he was exploited for money.

    My question are:
    Do you think that the police will further their investigation into this murder?
    Who do you think was really responsible for the death of Joyanne Cartwright?
    Why did this case take seven years to reach just one conviction?
    Do you feel that the Justice system in the Bahamas is bias?
    If there aren’t any further convictions in this case how do you think the public would feel about our police and court system?

    Please feel free to post your comments on this issue.

  6. This report has no substantiation and is all allegation. You can do better. This is worse than the Punch today.

  7. delete on good buddy. delete on. I will take no offense.

    By the time folks wake up in the morning they would have no clue of its original existence and that you deleted it. You know your site well enough and know where it can better go> I was commenting on how it is that you can post the propaganda garbage about Obie Pindling without fear of the law and I used “THE SNITCH” and others as an example. I have no clue where else you can put it within context.

    Interestingly when Archer went off topic in recent posts and rant and raged like a madman airing his PLP garbage and further bringing them to shame, you didn’t delete his posts. Hmmmmmm?

  8. @Morehands

    Dismiss it ALL YOU WANT ALL WE SAY IS THIS, look at them three characters at the top of this post and guess what they all spell, ‘MURDERERS, BUDDY MURDER and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE’!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. So will these documents finally be released or will the witnesses sign affidavits so that Obie can get his day in court and just for Joyanne served? If not…it is all hogwash!!

    I said hmmmmmmm the other day when I noticed that every traffic light on the island was not working. I said hmmmmmmm yesterday when I saw three fire trucks hauling tail at the round about at COB and all three went in different directions. I said hmmmmmm when I was at the US Embassy to get a visa the other day and the woman security officer smiled at me and allowed me to use the waiting area phone but flatly refused to let a guy who went after me use it. She was about 450 pounds and looking at me in a very seductive way – that really made me say HMMMMMMMMMM!!!

  10. Well for one if you followed the case, the confessed murder (NEWBOLD) is dead. THAT IS FACT! How? EXECUTION STYLE, THAT’s ANOTHER FACT. And look at this one. The missing boys was how long now in the police care before they released the bodies to the family? But now with no suspect in hand, how is it police released his body in less then one week? And how did Newbold get out a JAIL if he was found guilty of the murder? And how, and how and why and what happened there?????

    And you have the gall to question what we wrote “morehands”? Come on and ask the basic questions first then question us.

    And when you ask us please do remember, we do have several DEEP THROATS all throughout the Royal Bahamas Police FORCE!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. This sounds like a story that would run in the Punch Grapevine. A whole pile of hear-says. Unless you have proof or can call names of the people who can corroborate the story this is a bunch of garbage. Last I heard, Obie has a side business of ordering cars from Japan for folks. That would explain the bank transfer. Central Bank can easily corroborate where the money was sent (if he wasn’t just at the bank to make a deposit like the rest of us normal people).

    If this story was printed on paper I would call this Toilet Paper trash.

    All I see through this junk is words like allegedly, evidently, apparently, …

    You have to come stronger than this to get me to buy into it.

    Morehands has more sense.

    And even if Obie did have a part to play in the shameless murder, without evidence, there is nothing anyone of us can do.

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