STANDING ROOM ONLY!…Hundreds Attend Branville McCartney’s DNA Launch









  1. Just how God gave Lynden Pindling a dream, He can give McCartney a dream also. People who are business persons know that some of them were on jobs for years. After being tired they one day decided that that would step out on their own and do something different. Visions and dreams come from God. Don’t you think God is able to do the same for McCartney and Sammie Starr? Who knows what wisdom they
    have ? In the Bible God used Gideon an ordinary, scary man to bring about great victory for the Israelites. There is greatness in all of us. Supposed that was your son or daughter, would you want them to cast their dreams aside? supposed Martin Luther King did not follow his heart, where would America, The Bahamas, and indeed the world be today? Everyone deserves a chance. One day you will be standing a a position where you would want someone to give you a chance. Think about that. Never judge a book by its cover!!!!

  2. The DNA looks good but i say to all we do not know Mr McCartney he could be the biggest dictator of all.
    A man who will not listen to his leader but has no leadership experience and was not electted but appointed by himself is not a good sign.look what happen to turks and their pretty boy P.M. we are to be carefull.

  3. Sammy Star….to be my MP….In south beach??? Bey Bran no offense don’t insult me and my neighbors..this young man don’t speak Bahamian when being interview on radio station’s,don’t sing Bahamian songs talking bout the culture…whats his track record in community development…. if it’s one thing you guys got right is you are ALL green!!! not ready..not ripe enough!!!sorry bro can support ya and this jokey 9slate team

    • No vote for Green you can suppot whomever you want.There ain’t no un to your head.We’re not begging for your vote.Do with it what you always do with it.It not going to change the tide.You will be swept away.Hiding behind catch phrases.Cowardly offering your opinions.

  4. Boy we sure have some haters out there. Bahamians are so set in their ways we don’t know when to accept CHANGE!!!! Well I am so sick and tired of both red and yellow and the insanity that they produce. I am looking out for my children and my children’s children so as a result I am going GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Change from what… to what…?

      The DNA has started out wrong, and as the plumbers say, if you start wrong you will end wrong.

      The D in DNA is supposed to stand for Democratic, yet Bran has made that to stand for Dictator. He refused to allow the democratic process that he says he wants to prevail in that party apply to him. He has made himself the leader.

      Seems like more of the same old game to me, just different players. Time will tell.

      I wish the troubled NDP well. They seem to be the only real change.

  5. I thought when playing ball yah suppose to introduce the starting line up first. The All-stars, highest paid players. This looks like Bran’s bench. I like Bran but if this is his starting line up all I can say is wow! A pastor’s wife, a singer and a few others who nobody know about. What next? A Circus clown and like Obama put it a Carnival barker? Or is he saving the best fro last? Hmmmmm

  6. I don’t have a problem with Sammy Starr. If he has the best interest of the Bahamian people at heart, go for it. I do have a problem with the shady characters that were nominated. Bran has made a mistake by selecting persons with questionable characters. This is what our country does not need any more of.

  7. As a young person, the Sammi Starr nomination just baffles me! If his message was so inspiring and inspirational why didn’t he look to the Torch Bearers or Young Liberals to build up a youthful vibrancy to the party with people who have show interest in politics from early on. It actually reflects something of his character and his political ambitions. He is all for the flash and glitz but lacks substance, you can’t just want the position because you think you would look good in it. You have to have actual ideas and practical goals. A pretty face isn’t enough to have my vote because I actually care about what goes on in my country.

    • LOL!!!….I like your comment, it made my morning. What happen though, you don’t think Sammy has any substance behind him? He too cute and then he just want look like one of those little Casanovas hey? LOL!!!! I kept saying, “sometimes being nice looking, could be a major set back.” Now, I am beginning understand how Ingraham may have gotten in the position that he is currently in. I am not going to lie, if you look at Sammy Star on the surface, he just don’t look like a person, you could take serious, he sure has his work cut out for him…LOL!!

      • @Kim Sands
        The selection Of Sammy is a master strke as the young man is a heartthrob for many young female voters.Rememeber the elections in Haiti?Young people love music and from what I saw at the opening we can look to see lots of Ronnie Butler at DNA rallys with his pet song,”age aint nothing but a number,you are only as old as you feel”.Sammy will be an attraction for the female voters.Maybe we shall see what other substance lurks in him as the young voters will determine just who wins the next Gen Elects.

        • Hi Russell,

          General Election does not come by everyday, so it should be regarded as a very serious process. With that being said, I hope persons would treat each candidate equally and chose the one that they believe would be capable of providing them with the best representation and would be able to make valuable contributions to the growth of the country The fact that Sammy is a well known Bahamian icon really shouldn’t be a factor in determining whether or not we vote him. Let’s try to be open minded and see how he intend to serve the country. Having Sammy in the picture could mean something good for our entertainers and young people. Never in the history of Bahamas have we ever had an entertainer running as a candidate. I feel this is so awesome! You know Russell, looking back over the years when I heard great Bahamians entertainers like Ronnie Butler, Freddy Munnings, Fred Ferguson, KB and many others complaining about not getting the support from the government to push Bahamian music to another level, I always wondered why? When they are so talented and could do so much more when it comes to promoting our music and country internationally? Perhaps it was because, we never had a musician sitting in Parliament who could identify with what they are trying to accomplish. This is why I think it’s so important to have persons from diverse career paths. Now, with Sammy being on board and if he’s elected, I am almost certain he’s going to look out for his fellow entertainers, because he should be able to relate to them; he have already worked in the music industry and he should a good idea of what the industry is lacking. Then some of our young people need all the hope they can get, too many of them are going a stray and throwing away their lives so unnecessarily, if they see a young person like Sammy in government and doing a good job, this could be something encouraging to many of them.

  8. Bran you had my vote until I watched who you picked for candidates. All I could say you need to rethink and do a thorough background check on the candidates. I believe in your party but smudgy people with criminal past/ties so not be at the helm of your party.

    • 2012 voter.Smudgy people with criminal past.Nice try.You cannot even name any of those persons presented to relevate your claim.Sounds to me like sourgrapes.Deal with it.Too bad.

  9. who will loose more of they base now that the dna in play the fnm in big trouble it’s no wonder they want to hurt bran they say the plp was a one time government well lets see.

  10. Bran, What are you getting into, I was impressed with your efforts in promoting your-self, I don’t except you reference to 1967 and 1992 to our political climate today. During both of those transforming years the Parties were entrenched but with the DNA who are the persons responsible, I say persons because if I were to take pattern from last night I conclude that the DNA is Bran, Lets not try hoodwinking our people, and lets follow the history in Party politics, only entrenched parties have been successful so far n this country.

  11. with all the serious issues in this land, too much time is spent on the wrong topic.
    Bahamians must wakeup now and face the greatest threat to the future stability of this country.

    We need to focus on these illegials in our communities who have a failproof plan to overrun us soon … their numbers are growing exponentially… they are educating their children at our expense … they take advantage of the free health care … they save 95cents out of every dollar they make… they support their own in business …they are hard working and remains fit…

    Bahamians on the other hand are unfocused, precious time is spent discussing our approval and dislike for Papa or Perry, two democratic leaders!!!!

    we have become a lazy and nasty group of people with many who resorts to begging and many very comfortable and relaxed in filty surroundings ..we are too nasty to clean our yards… old cars and household rubbish pile skyhigh all over the place… our pasttime is spent consuming rum, dope and having a good time… our schools and homes are producing overweight, confused, unqualified black bahamian dummies in numbers…our hospitals, courts, graveyards and jailhouse are taxed to the limit with young black bahamians while the lines at the social service offices are populated with many young ignorant, lazy, and unfit black mothers waiting for handouts to get hair/nail jobs and poison the kids with greassy fast foods….

    please Awake us and help us Lord!!!!!!

    • Dafa, your observations is so SAD but TRUE…..Bahamians need to wake up and get serious about REAL issues in this country before it is too late.

  12. I am just so sick and tired of the same old parties promise n all they can and in turn nothing changes a all and if it does its not a full 100%. I old parties have the experience especially in fulling up there pockets for under table deals…smt so why I’m I going to beat myself over a yellow or red shirt. I still have to get my bongie up in the morn n and go work my bongie off for a small salary and take a lot of crap from people doing so. All these damn taxes going up every day and none of these parties doing any thing about min wages, I’m waiting for sum one to come to my door bout they from the FNM OR PLP party. I get dis damn high ass BEC bill right here for them to pay LOL.

  13. Why don’t you’ll Bahamians wait, see and hear the rest of what Branville has to offer? You are so quick to shoot him down. Many of you’ll are so narrow minded you can’t even get pass “Sammy Star”. Many didn’t think it was Pindling’s neither Ingraham’s time but it sure was! I feel Mr. Mccartney has something great to offer. Why can’t we appreciate what he is doing? I’m sure if many of us had the wealth he has we wouldnt give a hell about thye people or the state of the Bahamas, but this man is stepping out on faith and courage because I feel he sincerely wants change! Also, the fact of the matter is that PLP’s AND FNM’s are sick and tired and thier looking for not a “third party” but an “alternative” like Mr. Mccartney eloquently stated. It’s time for something new people!

  14. Mr. McCartney, Are you Serious and Youth are right on, so is natashag so please pay attention to them, someone pinch Leon so he could wake up, this is 2011 son, good luck Bran, you certainly have my vote.

  15. I was gonna vote for the DNA but when he announced Sammy Star for South Beach. This gat to be a joke. We are talking bout a real country with real issues. There has to be some criteria for picking candidates. I 100% dont take him serious anymore. I am a young person and I dont think you have to be old to be an MP but Sammy Star did it for me. DNA is a Big Joke and bran u killed yourself with that nomination. People may cheer on the spot but when they sit down and think about it that will be the deciding factor. Any other parties to vote for !!!!!!!

    • You are entitled to your opinion, no one can’t fault you for that. Please explain if you don’t mind, Why wouldn’t you vote for Sammy Star? Is it because he is a young well established Bahamian entertainer and not a lawyer, doctor or an accountant? Is that the case? Trust me if it is, I can relate to why you may feel that way, because this is something we are definitely not use to. When I heard Sammy Star, I was like Sammy who? Then I was like, what the hell is Bran dealing with? After, I thought about it, I begin to realize that this way of thinking is probably what’s been holding the country back a long time, I think it‘s time for us to get with it. I am glad Bran is finally giving persons from diverse career paths a chance to be leaders in their own country. This is a Bran new day for the Bahamas, and this is a good message to sending to our youths, no longer will they feel that they have to chose a particular career path in order to be capable of running their country. Unless you know of some other reasons, why Sammy wouldn’t not make a good candidate, I think he deserve to be given a fair chance to prove himself and to show the Bahamian people how he intend to further assist us in nation building, because I feel he has done remarkable in his contribution to the Nation already during his short time on the planet. He has promoted this country both nationally and international as a entertainer and, he has done more for this country than many of those who are currently members of parliament today.

      • Well said! How much better off would we have been if Ronnie Butler had been an acceptible candidate, years ago? He has always known what to say, because he has always had the pulse of the Bahamas in his heart! Not something you can say about all those lawyers who represent themselves, more than the people. I told my 18 year old daughter about Sammy Star and that is at least one vote that he would get. Maybe Bran isn’t as short sighted as some would want to think. Sammy will put up a good fight against any candidate that the FNM or PLP can put against him, in S. Beach or S. Andros, whichever one he chooses to run in.
        A quote that the ‘old guard’ should be mindful of: “We must take change by the hand or rest assuredly, change will take us by the throat.” DNA will win seats in the next election, whether they win the Government or not. That alone is enough to put the fear of God into both the FNM and the PLP.

      • Sammi Star is just that. Sammi Star. He has never proven himself to be wise and able to make decisions that will effect a country. He’s just a singer. If he proves to be intelligent and sage then I’ll change my opinion. But for now that’s how I see him.
        I was ready to go green. Ready for DNA and Bran to tell me the plans to pull up this sinking ship called the Bahamas. I am sorry but I was tremendously dissapointed. I loved that he said Imagine, yet that’s it? Yes we can all imagine. The robber imagined how he will rob someone tonight. Now what is the plan to execute the imagination.
        Yes I know it is early and an introduction, but what a weak intro! Where are they dynamic candidates??! I was so angry that I took my time waiting to hear all the candidates but he only introduced 10 people no one knows.
        And then Sammi Star. I have nothing against Sammi, but come on! A singer is in politics before his singing career actually takes off? What does Sammi offer us? I’m sure this was Lincoln Bain’s doings. Lincoln said Sammi was about to land a major deal. What happened to that?! I’m sorry but for now I’m definitely not green. I’m white. Which means I’m neutral and none deserve my vote.

  16. I think Bran has an excellent chance and even if he doesn’t win, I sure know that he will get some of the FNM voters and PLP will end up on top.GO Green Bahamas!!!! Its time for a change..Obama came out of nowhere, everybody thought he didn’t have a chance in hell, but the reality is that people are fed up with the PLP and the FNM and the same empty promises. To be frank, what do we have to lose. The economy sucks, crime sucks, social unrest and I can go on and on….. So go green PEOPLE

    • Do not compare Bran to Obama. Obama ran on the democratic ticket-established party. Bran is in new party-big difference. He does not have my vote.

  17. Obama beat the odds and to the suprise of many became the first black president of the United States of America, so McCartney definitely has a chance. There are Bahamians who think logically and want hope and change. They choose to vote for better, rather than the party their parents, grand parents and great grand parents voted for in the past. Don’t judge, give him a chance and just wait and see. Anything is possible!!!

    • A vote for Bran is a vote for the FNM. Bran never left the FNM, he resigned as a member of the FNM cacus on the house of assembly. Bran must he held accountable for the hurt and pain that Bahamians have suffered over the past four years under the FNM he voted with them 100% of the time. He needs t be help accountable for his actions.

      • @Clear Conscience
        I followed the speech of Bran and just as you have stated I thought he should apologise to the Bahamian people for all of the hurt the FNM Govt placed on the Bahamian people.Being a part of the FNM Cabinet while all of the politicising was taking place with firings he must account and then wipe himself clean with an apology.Until this happens no middle of the road voter can take him seriously.

  18. I hate to throw monkey wrench into Mr McCartney dream, but he doesn’t stand a chance with the Bahamian public. The people are curious and wanting to hear what he had to say that is why you saw that amount of persons at the lounch of his party. Noticed the people refused to be interviewed by the Press. More that 80 percent of those people won’t vote for Mr. McCartney. He have no delivery to his speach and he cannot face a camera and properly answer questions. His appearance is not of a season politican. He should have stayed a little longer in the FNM.
    To be a leader, one must learn to follow. Wait on your time my brother and your change will come. After election, remember my words, you will not win your seat nor will the party win any seat.

      • I watched as the candidates introduced themselves last night on television……….Sammie “Star” Poitier as a candidate! Are these people serious……what issues can he possibly speak to………this thing has to be more than just a popularity contest…….and more than just another opportunity for persons to market themselves………if the DNA is claiming that Mr. Star is the face of Bahamian youth, I don’t know what youth the DNA is in touch with.

        • Sammy as a canidate??? you gatta be joking, might as well give Bodie one also and paul moss, when was the election of party officers held, who voted for who??? Bran is worse than Papa…..Bran is the everything in the DNA, along with his wifey and Family…..he to full of himself, walks around with a mirror in front of him thinks he is god’s gift to the world

          • Come on chucky, why do you feel he is full of himself, sarcasm-“with a mirror in front of him”, lots of bahamians, as well as myself, are looking for a change. And we are willing to listen to what he has to say. We have given PM Ingraham and Perry Christie a chance. Just because Sammie Starr is an artist doesn’t mean he doesnt have leadership qualities. Don’t look at the outer appearance, listen and give them a fighting chance.

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