I am compelled to respond to the planned “Vaccine Day” by the Prime Minister!


The Editor
Bahamas Press
Nassau Bahamas.

Dear Editor,

After watching the newscast last week, I am compelled to respond to the planned “Vaccine Day” by the Prime Minister.

I found his comments to be callous and insensitive. This govt seems to be only concerned with pushing the vaccine rather than taking the time to educate citizens about the vaccine.

I watched in dismay as the leader of this country had the nerve to about fully vaccinated persons being allowed to “carry on smartly”. It seems as if he is trying to coerce people to take the vaccine with the hope that they will be exempt from curfews & other restrictions. This is totally wrong!

Every citizen has the right to CHOOSE whether or not they want to be vaccinated. Mr. Prime Minister, it seems to me that you’re more concerned with people going in the shacks, junkanoo rushouts and tourist arrivals rather than expanding and offering FREE testing and EDUCATION.

This govt has failed the Bahamians in their handling of the pandemic. I’m of the view that these lockdowns have nothing to do with science, but rather one man’s obsession with power & control.


As if to add insult to injury , the PM had the nerve to be smiling and say that on Thursday 17th June he would deliver a big piece of cake with icing to the people of Cat Island, Andros & Berry Islands.

Sir, while you take the time to laugh & take things for a joke, people are HURTING! I would like for you to do me and the majority of Bahamians a favor and instead of a “Vaccination Day”, announce the next ELECTION DAY.

I urge ALL citizend to contact their MPs and tell them to vote against any further restrictions and lockdowns. We sent these MPs to Parliament to represent OUR views. The double standards that is being used by this PM is blatant and glaring.

I have made the choice NOT to be vaccinated and I am sure that many other Bahamians have made this same choice. So, should we be denied ALL privileges because of our decisions?

There are 320 days left in this term & I’m counting down the days when I can correct the wrong mistake by NOT VOTING FOR THE FNM in the next election. The nepotism, cronyism, double standards and the lack of ACCOUNTABILITY & TRANSPARENCY is suffocating our country.

Please, Mr PM, I beg you you to “carry on smartly” and announce the date for the next election so that me and other Bahamians can CARRY ON SMARTLY TO THE POLLS & VOTE YOU & THIS GOVT OUT OF OFFICE.

Ms Sandra Brown.