If some MPs disclose, the public would know they are bankrupt!


Commissioner should do his job and publish all names of who have disclosed as required by law!

Failure to disclose could mean an MP or Public Official is Bankrupt!

To find out that an MP is Bankrupt is a sure way to have a by-election or General Election called…

Even some opposition MPs and Cabinet Ministers have sailed to follow the law. WHY?

Nassau, Bahamas — This week has been a week of revelations. We found out how many MPs refused to follow the law and report to the Commission for Public Disclosure, presenting their financials, along with those of their spouses and children, which can tell us much more about the financial solvency of an MP or Senior Public Official. That filing is by law to be done by the 31st of December each year.

Some of the MPs, we believe, cannot prove that they are solvent enough to sit in the Parliament of the Bahamas and so many, in an attempt to hide such information, have failed to file their declarations.

Only a handful of MPs have filed, namely, on the Government side, the Speaker of the House Dr. Kendal Major and in the Opposition the MP for Killarney Dr. Hubert Minnis. Those who have failed to comply with the law are guilty as sin and they sit on both sides of the aisle – PLPs and FNMs!

A few days ago the MP for Killarney called for the arrest of all MPs who have not disclosed while speaking in Rawson Square at a Save the Bays Freedom of Information rally.

Branville McCartney also spoke during that rally, however, it is believed in 2011 when the former Bamboo Town MP sat in the Parliament  he, too, was not up-to-date in filing such financials. We know former Prime Minister Ingraham had also missed in showing his financials when he sat as the MP for North Abaco.

From the PLP side of the House, we know more than half of the MPs have not filed. Some suggest they are doing it now – six months LATE!  And from the FNMs at least three have not filed – including the Deputy Leader of the FNM Loretta Butler-Turner.

It’s Unbelievable!

Prime Minister Christie can cause the disclosure law to be enforce if he issues a notice to MPs by Gazette! Plenty PLP MPs have refused to disclose...WHY?

What is sad in all this is that the people passing laws in the country are themselves breaking the law and are failing to following them in this already HIGH CRIME ENVIRONMENT!

Bahamas Press believes the Speaker of the Parliament should sound the warning to Members, ordering them to follow the law or have them removed from the chamber until they have done so!

No one is above the LAW!

What would be most interesting in all this however is to see how many high-ranking Government Top Employees, who have not Disclosed to the  Commission also – now that would be an interesting article.

Leaders are accountable to the People! Therefore, Bahamas Press is  going further to explore this act which we know is an easy and straightforward read.

We know the power to give Parliament notice is vested in the Prime  Minister. We know three persons head up the Commission. Who are they  and why have the Commissioners failed in the exercise of their duty  according to the Law?

And we gat put this question out again – WHO IS BANKRUPT? Read  Bahamas Press for part 2 of this report….

We report yinner decide!