Incoming PM Davis stops in North Andros on Saturday and SUNDAY…


Andros| PLP Leader the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, center, is in North Andros at this hour (Saturday, 17 July 2021) campaigning with North Andros and the Berry Islands candidate Leonardo Lightbourne, far right.

Other party officers are accompanying the PLP Leader.

PLP Leader arrives in Lowe Sound Andros this afternoon to the cheering crowd.
Incoming PM Philip Brave Davis Q.C. has arrived in the community of Red Bays In North Andros for a meeting.
South Mastic Point in beautiful Andros welcomes INCOMING PM Philip Brave Davis to this part of the country.
INCOMING PM Philip Brave Davis Q.C. welcomed by the PLP Branch and supporters in Staniard Creek Andros today.
The Leader is set to return to the capital today.
Incoming Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C. on the ground in Red Bays North Andros under the tree playing dominos with the residents. IT AIN’T LONG NAH!
Meanwhile, BP has just received a copy of the new FNM Early Election Theme Song. Well what is dis?
Incoming PM Davis meets with the community of Stafford Creek on Sunday.