Papa calls for young people help, ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS?’


Here’s the man who stopped, reviewed and cancelled the construction of a school in the MICAL constituency when he came to office in 2007. Ingraham said the school cost too much to build for the students there. Since that incident he has gone on a ‘vicked’ attack against young people; raising taxes on books, pencils, shoes, uniforms and underclothes in 2008. This Independence year, Ingraham calls for the assistance of young people, however, his policies has done everything to hinder, stop and block them. The young people in this file photo cannot honestly look PAPA in the face. He has stopped their dreams.

Nassauu, Bahamas — It is Independence all across the Bahamas and Bahamas Press is still asking the question where was Hubert Ingraham on Independence eve?

In his independence address, the Prime Minister called on the youth of the country to step forward saying, “They are not simply, the future. They also have the imagination and talents The Bahamas needs to face our current challenges and seize the promise of tomorrow.”

Perhaps the PM’s call was an acknowledgement of his lack of vision to carry the country further, perhaps it was an admission that his government was clinically brain dead and has lost all vision for the future.

Whatever the case may be, the PM should note and remember as he called on the assistance of young people, how his government in late August 2009, suspended indefinitely the Government Guarantee Loan Programme, which offered a tertiary educational opportunity for thousands of young people.

The PM should also remember it was him, and no one else, who removed $2million from the budget of the College of the Bahamas the nation’s premier tertiary institution, which has produced thousands of young professionals managing today’s Bahamas.

The PM should also remember as he call on he young people how he, as minister of finance, delivered a hatchet job on the young when he reduced the grants delivered to private and church schools, leaving them to fend for themselves.

The PM should also remember as he rallied the young people of this country, how he amputated their financial support by cutting grants given to social clubs and nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross and the Ranfurly Home; which today, are molding the lives of scores of young people to build a better Bahamas.

Ingraham’s double talk and scatterbrain policies simply never walk hand in hand with his ruthless actions. He is like an assassin, whom has gone out of his way to hamper, cripple, maim and kill the dreams of thousands of young people in Bahamaland. And now, after all he has done he returns on the blessed day of Independence to tell young people, “We are proud of you. We need your dreams and your energies?”

Someone better tell Papa we the young people don’t take any mess and we don’t forget. After writing off thousands of young people the last thing Ingraham should say is that he needs us.

Well here’s our response, “WE DON’T NEED YOU!”