Ingraham Plays Race Card and attacks his own minister of health


Ingraham Operatives

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is appalled to see how low and desperate Hubert Ingraham, Cassius Stuart and political newcomer Andre Rollins have all become. All are now bordering on the plain of the delusional as Leo Ryan Pinder races to the home stretch with his newfound love, the constituency of Elizabeth.

We told you the day we know an election would be called, that Hubert Ingraham and his other desperate puns of planted independents [Stuart and Rollins] would all get a VICIOUS cutyouknowwhat from the people of Lizzy.

Last week after BP discovered some 700 voters could not be found Stuart ran to one of them WUTLESS DUTTY papers on behalf of Hubert and said they werePLP operativeswho cannot be found and that the Party paid people to register in the constituency. Had Stuart possessed the information we had he would know an apartment in polling division #10 of Lizzy registered some 10 persons to the same unit in November of 2009.Ryan Pinder copy He would remember Christie’s PLP had no intentions to run a candidate following Malcolm Adderley’s resignation.

Bp had warned Stuart when he made his comments to provide us with the list. He never did. In fact he refused to tell us where and or who were these operatives of the PLP. Clearly the BDM leader is now working for Hubert Ingraham and cannot be trusted by the Bahamian people for TELLING LIES! His party has no structure, no plan, no followers, and no council and is all but a shell standing in the wind making mischief getting in the way. We now publicly ask him to provide the same he gave to the WUTLESS DUTTY PAPER of face a vicious cutyouknowwhat from this blog.

Political newcomer Andre Rollins is no different. He to has this strong affection forToilet Paper’. Yesterday he ran to the Rag Sheet asking them to attack the man running off with Lizzy. Calling our endorsed candidate everything but a child of God. When will Rollins and Stuart accept the people of the Bahamas wants nothing to do anymore with Hubert; their newfound papa friend? When will the NDP leadership accept Bahamians seek not to join a Party defending Ingraham and at the same time join an organization, which has no structure, no plan, few followers, no council and more importantly NO LEADER! Who will follow that?

Dr Sands copyWhen we see Stuart and Rollins these days we see Hubert Ingraham. We see people who have become desperate playing the dirty political at all cost. We see them being funded by FNM goons to stir and create mischief in the political process. They are all playing the game of the same old politics. They are all wearing that dirty political dress while mounting a message of CHANGE. Right thinking Bahamians rejects this.

Since the campaign in Lizzy has began Leo Ryan Pinder has stayed above the fray and has stayed on message. He has made it his mantra to stay away from character assassination and mudslinging. And now Ingraham attacks a DECENT white Bahamian and is using the race card. We would also say Ryan’s more serious opponent, Duane Sands, has also stayed away from any kind of NASTY messaging. Sands has also stayed above personal attacks and for that BP commends him.

We cannot say the same for his leader who has gone MAD like a gorilla from the West Coast. Hubert Ingraham since the campaign has began attacked Malcolm Adderley, Perry Christie, Bradley Roberts, Branville McCartney his own cabinet minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, Carl Bethel and recently members of the UBP by extension Brent Symonette. Our mouth fell open and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we heard and saw Ingraham play the race card by saying that PLP selected a white Bahamian. Ingraham called Bradley Roberts and Marvin Pinder UBPs and lambasted the PLP for choosing his decent son, Ryan to run in Elizabeth. WE ARE STILL IN SHOCK! Surely Ingraham doesn’t have a problem with the UBP for when he had the opportunity to select a young man, who he had earlier selected leader of the FNM, to become deputy Prime Minister he selected the son of the former UBP party leader to become deputy leader of his party. Now he is trying to convince and frighten the GOOD PEOPLE of ELIZABETH saying they should not vote for a white Bahamian? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!

Ingraham made his comments last evening while addressing a handful of supporters in Lizzy. In his nasty hoggish style he suggested a vote for the PLP in the Elizabeth is a vote for the UBP! Well WOW! Serious FNMs must be taken by the comment as everyone knows the chief‘s bagman for the FNM is Sir Jeffery Johnstone the last chairman of the UBP!

Marvin Pinder is a member of the PLP of longstanding. He was a former Cabinet Minister in the Pindling government. He served with Ingraham as a colleague in the Pindling administration. He suffered with the PLP for his standing with the poor, the weak and the disenfranchised during the long years of struggle in our country. Marvin Pinder was castigated for his political associations with the PLP. Lost employment, suffered in business and was removed from the social circles of the upper floors of acceptance as he supported the PLP. But Ingraham is here once again attempting to rewrite history, just as he tried to suggests that Elizabeth was named after his grammy. Please Mr. Ingraham you must come tougher than that. STOP TELLING LIES! The electorate is not as DUMB or as GREEDY as you think they are.

Ingraham must be bordering on the delusional as he further admonished to Lizzy residents that Dr. Sands will be as good as andoutdo his colleague in the west Dr. Hubert Minnis”. What a slap at hardworking Dr. Minnis. Could Ingraham be in his right mind? Or could it be the lost of his spiritual leader, which has taken him off his game.  It is possible Ingraham needs his black hat for this one but we are certain it wouldn’t help him one bit.

One thing is certain though with Cassius Stuart and Andre Rollins at his side after this CUTYOUKNOWWHAT in Lizzy they all can solidify their alliances and form another new Party.

In his address to the Nation on Sunday March 10th, 2002 Hubert Ingraham said:

I shall not seek the Office of Prime Minister. This is in keeping with the position I communicated to the Bahamian people in 1992. My views was than, as it is now, that two terms would provide me the time I needed to accomplish the goals enunciated in Manifesto ’92 and Manifesto II.


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  2. Yeah, I tired of those two parties myself. This time around, I believe I going with either Cassius or Rodney. I haven’t really decided what I am going to do yet. Cassius being around little while asking us to give him a chance and we keep ignoring him. You never know, he might be the very one who could turn this country around for the better, but instead we keep fooling around with Hubert and Perry and we done see we aint getting nowhere with them. Then I think that’s so considerate of Rodney to be out there in the blazing heat or pouring rain marching with those families of persons who lost their lives at the hands of these brutal murderers and he don’t seems to have any problem when it comes to hanging these killers and we need someone like that. Cassius don’t look like the type to try and keep nobody in the dark; he is always talking about educating people and this is a good thing, because we have too many illiterate people graduating each year and can‘t find employment and ends up turning to crime to take care of themselves.. This one time, I hear plenty people saying they tired of the PLP and FNM and they are willing to give some other party a chance. I hope Papa them see how it is when people are fed up with being manipulated and used.

  3. BDM or NUTTIN dey been fightin fa Bahamian Peeps fa TEN years now I Tink is time to GIVE THEM A CHANCE……ONE SEAT?????? I TINK DEY DESERVE AT LEAST DAT!!!!!!!   CaN DEY DO ANY WORSE DAN THE FNM/PLP GANGSTERS??????????????????

  4. We ain’t carrying it because Bahamas Press BREAKS NEWS not carry what the mainstream report.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. So can Mr. Roberts tell the Bahamian public when the PLP will pay its huge dept to ZNS and why is BP not carring this all important story .. I wonder why..

  6. Sade where does this matter of anger issues come. Because one writer of BP attacked someone how does an entire team be painted in that way. Will address at the editorial meeting today.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. every FN Men should know that Hubert is an agent of the U.S. He has been financed by the republican party in the U.S. since the eighties. They exhibit the same party discipline as the repubs and walk in lock step with their delusional leaders. This was bad for Germany under Hitler, Bad for the U.S. under Bush and bad for the Bahamas under Ingraham.

  8. Any Bahamian who votes for Ryan Pinder is just plain ignorant.  Irrelevant of party affiliation.  He is the right man for his US employer at the right time for his US employer lobbying law firm…He don’t care about lizzie.  He don’t care about the Bahamas.  If he did, he would not be working for US law firm and living in the US for so long….PLP desperatse for Marvin Pinder’s money so they folded for Ryan as a candidate.   I guess we Bahamians can be bought if he wins and BP is sick for supporting this type of behavior but posts on Voices between BP and MP Glynnis Hanna Martin today show BP has some serious anger and truth issues.  Serious.

    • Stop your foolishness as many Bahamians aare trained in the USA.You obviously are having great difficulties with Pinder but instead of wasting time on this blog try and persuade your party that Dr Sands is doing a great disservice to Elizabethans by failing to take part in the debate.He tells the wutless Tribune that some i9n Elizabeth are greedy then refuses to explain what he meant.PAPA talking about some persons being coolers of chairs then he trying to get Sands elected so he can tell him what to say and when to say it.I say that anyone who votes for Sands is delusional as the candidate is already showing he is a puppet.Just ask the other members of the FNm they are like children as PAPA has still not learnt the ways of management.How much were you paid to come here with your diarrhea mouth?get a life as you disgust me.

  9. Russell, HI thought that the FNM and the media had done so much damage to PC’s reputation that he wouldn’t stand a chance but they now realize that actions speak louder than words!!People now realize that they would rather be working and some people getting away with foolishness than people still getting away with foolishness and they are NOT working!!PC is better than HI at managing our economy on his worse day than HI is on his best day!!  Lady P was not brought out by PC. She has been supporting Ryan from day one and she has been to all of the rallies and constituency offices openings that has been held in the Elizabeth constituency!! She does not like where this country is headed and she is doing something rather than sitting home and complaining which is much more than many of us are doing!!

  10. tell the plp to stop busing them people to lizzy. christie know he then lose cause i see it on his face. bring out lady pindling to help him. shame on him. and american boy ryan who will not win will go back to usa with his family

    • Lady Pindling is PLP so she can go wherever she pleases.In case you dont know Lady Pindkling is a very good campaigner as she did so many times with the FATHER of the NATION when he was so privileged to lead our country from outhouses to bathrooms.Elizabeth was created by Pindling to let poor persons know they could live on  the eastern side of the Island.Pindling created Elizabeth and not PAPA who was just a memebr of Cabinet.How come you have said nothing about PAPAs claim that he neamed Elizabeth after one of his family members?The first time PAPA met Queen Elizabeth was in 1984 and the Queen was not impressed and neither is Elizabeth voters.Christie is fired up over the response in Lizzy and it shows by the day as he still holds meetings.PAPA had one then quit as by 8:30 p.m 3/4 of the chairs were empty lolo.I told you b4 stop sleeping in red as it might make you delusional like your PAPA.Guess what after the results of Lizzy it will be 2-2 for Christie and PAPA with the General Elections the clincher.Since you are shallow I shall explain:PAPA won in South Andros and the General Elections of 2007,Christie won in 2002 and now Lizzy.The way how everyone is attacking Pinder is indicative of the constant attacks on Christie.FNMs fear the two more than they fear their wives lolo.

  11. The BDM and NDP talking about try something new and different but during this campaign they sound like the same old thing to me.  They focused more on mud slinging than the issues in Elizabeth!  And what about this much touted “primary” election the NDP held?  They released not facts.  How much votes did Rollins and his competitor receive?  How many of those that vote actually live in Elizabeth?  How many card carrying members do each of these parties have?I have a lot of respect for Omar Smith, the deputy leader of the BDM, but he better take control of their party at their convention they announced for this month (if that ever materializes) before Cassius runs the BDM straight into the ground and carries them with him.  I mean the man has run in three different constituencies in three different election!  When will he show some sign of loyalty to the people he wish to serve?  It just shows he has no heart for the people just his own selfish ambition to get into the House of Assembly.

    • WOW!, the BDM and NDP wont get 200 votes between them. But what will be interesting to see is if either of these groups disputes the results in court.  To make all this noise and then when the winner is decleared not take action to right the injustice tells you all you need to know about them.

  12. See no one told Johnny Tuccker that Stuart was an operative of Ingraham… If that is really the case J T will have to unleash all of the dirty laundry on Stuart….Cassius!!!! Watch  yourself bey,, we know all about your in-house wrestling matches with the deceased reporter………

    • JT,Cassuis is not an operative of Ingraham. What he is is orportunistic. I dont see Cassius being apart of the BDM after the general election. this will be the 3rd general election the BDM will contess with Mr Stewart at the helm and he has little to show for it.From what i understand there was a challenge to his leadership a few years ago. Ask Omar Archer  how it went!

  13. Hey think we fool people like Jayson would love to think Bahamas Press is bias, but we have made it clear. WE SUPPORT RYAN PINDER! WE SUPPORT RYAN PINDER! WE SUPPORT RYAN PINDER! WE SUPPORT RYAN PINDER! WE SUPPORT AND HAVE ENDORSED MARVIN and NANCY SON!

    What we say about the PLP, FNM, BDM, NDP, WORKERS PARTY and Christian Love we mean it. When we about here ‘CUSSIN’ the PLP where he does be?

    When we praise the FNM where he/she/it does be? Bahamas Press is the new tool in modern day politics. We break news and we when we know, so shall you.


  14. Smt@jason. RESPECT is EARNED not just given. The amzon gorilla will never get my respect. I would sooner spit on him.

  15. Jayson, your comments are justified as you have identified a correction in our post. The sentence should have read, “When will the NDP leadership”. That has been corrected by us.

    The fact is the Leadership of the NDP would find it difficult, EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, to find affection with this blog if they continue to parade in the press and continue its silent distraction game with mud slinging and dirty antics.

    Bahamians do not expect that to be apart of the new political culture of this country. WE WANT CHANGE! NOT THE SAME.

    We believe Rollins and his party, particularly in the last few days, have quickly descended into the quagmire of politicial dung, which good, DECENT and respectable men like Ryan Pinder refuses to succumb.

    We find Rollins parade in the WUTLESS PRESS spewing his nasty antic of old and treacherous bile – blended with crafted conspiracy theories against Ryan Pinder – as ‘VICKED’ and one not finding acceptance among the Bahamian electorate.

    Bahamians want JOBS. They want to become players in the national economy. They want to be heard by their MPs. They want leaders who talk sound and consistent, not gibberish. They want a plan outlining change for their country and community. For Elizabeth they seek a candidate who will be COMMITTED! Ryan Pinder to us is all that and more.

    It is on these merits we ask the people ELIZABETH TO VOTE FOR RYAN PINDER! And ignore all the rest.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. This post was INCREDIBLY biased and not grounded in solid facts when speaking about Dr. Rollins.

    First, the article mentions Dr. Rollins as “the NDP leader”, which is false. In the SAME sentence, it says “Bahamians seek not to join a party with… NO LEADER!”. Whoever wrote this article is OBVIOUSLY a biased PLP. Too many people make the mistake of thinking the NDP are opportunists… it has only been proven that Cassius is one by his desperation to do everything for his party. Regardless if the NDP wins or loses, this will help them gain face; It will make Mr. Stuart LOSE face if the BDM loses on the other hand, so the NDP needs to do everything to be heard. The NDP, as far as I can see, RESPECTS Hubert Ingraham, as should all politicians, and what is wrong with this? And also, what base does Bahamas Press have to say the BDM “has no followers”? Some people may not be willing to vote for them, but they have support mind you.

    Everyone who reads this post, know that it is just childish bashing, as one can tell by the numerous exclamations, sucking up and slang. If you want to know the real story on all these candidates, you certainly won”t find it here.

    • @Jayson B 1 who is the leader of the NDP 2 what is wrong with slang or colloquial expresion 3 while i hold no brief for the blog they do attack all parties with the same verocity so the facts dont back your assertion ……listen dont work ya self up pinder win this seat elizabeth has always voted in block they voted for malcolm just because not for his representation 16/02 watch the numbers if the fringe parties get 100 votes to share between them they do good….not that i support the status quo but change is exactly what it is dollars and cents not inspirational speeches and 19th century parlimentary antics the maceBDM the quatersNDP send in the clowns?????????????????????????? lets get serious if a deffrence is to be made

    • these mealy mouth fellas lookin to get fat of the hog and cement legacy well guess what so is every one else what matters here is not characters but purpose and intent as it relates to the bahamas

    • OH My GOD !!! – Why would anyone take a disgraced former News Editor of one of the country’s Leading papers who hates the FNM more then he hates those who saw that he lacked honestly and got rid of him….Pray tell me what more can you expect… BUt at this article.. SHAME ON the former disgraced editor for it shows the sure sign of a sick mind… lol..

  17. AMEN Media! As for cassius he is one giant (female anatomy) this is why he will forever amoint to nothin more than a waste of time. After this cut-you-no-what I want that gorilla from the amazon lookin mother u no what to hold hands with cassius and dr rollins and jump off paradise island bridge together.
    I think dr sands is a remarkable man because I know his brother the other doctor and sandy personally and they are decent upstanding men, why he is mixing up with that gad damn gorilla is beyond me. If doc know what’s good for him he would piss on that torch because he settin himself up to get burn.
    I know I’ve said some bad stuff on here about the good ol doc but that is honestly due to the fact that I don’t like when decent ppl mix up with stinkin no good trash. Dr sands, dr missick and branville all need to pull a malcolm adderly. They too decent to be mix up with them dirty dogs.

    • Well, if what Rodney Moncur is saying about Dr Sands illegality is true and if what some are saying about Ryan Pinder not being elligable, then this race in Lizzy maybe between Cassius and Dr Rollins. lol

  18. I wondered what happened to the talked, “YOU CANNOT BEAT A GOVERNMENT IN A BY-ELECTION? I wondered where that gone. As you know we told you our many readers from the beginning before Malcolm Adderley resigned that the FNM would get a VICIOUS cut-you-know-what from the people of LIZZY!

    We have said that for days now. Even the BP/Cardiff poll affirmed that fact! So nothing coming up will spoil the fact that Ryan Pinder is BP’s Endorsed Candidate to win the Elizabeth by-election. WE BACK HIM 100%! He’s the RIGHT MAN, IN THE RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

    It ain’t long NAH!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. BP, people must be made aware of the political sham that is happening right before our eyes.

    The FNM knows they have lost Lizzy. There were articles in the Tribune this week that suggested that the seat will remain PLP. Furthermore, you have heard the PM say at the rallies and at the openning of the Lizzy HQ that it doesnt matter what happens in Lizzy, the FNM will still be the government.

    They know Dr Sands wont win. Its not surprising nor unsuspetced that you now see Cassuis, Dr Rollins and Tommy T trying to paint the narrative that the PLP has stole the election in Lizzy.

    This is the narrative and perception  that the FNM along with its media cohorts is using to discredit the PLP’s probably win in Lizzy; “the PLP stole it by buying votes.” You are hearing it now creep in on the talk shows and on the blogs from FNM’s.

    By discredting the PLP’s probably win, the FNM is trying to say that if it wasnt for the PLP’s shanaggins, the FNM would have won. But the problem with argument is the FNM is in control of all the government agencies that are over seeing the bye election. Its like some in the PLP after 2007 blaming the loss off the government on illegals voting in some constituencys when the PLP was in control of the election appratus.

    Secondly, the media and the FNM will do its best to spin the impending loss because they dont want it to appear that the vote in Lizzy was also a message to HAI and his policies. They will do their best to show that there is no kink in HAI armor. They dont want the preception to be that their champion is lossing support in the country.

    Bahamians remember, the FNM were not saying these things things 2-3 weeks ago. At the height of Adderly’s resignation, the FNM thought Lizzy was easy pickings. After all, the media spent the last 2 years focusing on PC’s leadership and suppossed “turmoil in the PLP.” This bye-election by al accounts should have been a slam dunk for the FNM.

    When the bye-election was announced HAI and Carl Bethel said Lizzy will go FNM! Where did all the confidence go?

    This bye-election was nothing more than an attempt to capitalze on what the FNM calculated to be an even weaker PLP after Malcolm’s resignation, and gain momentum going into the general election.
    What HAI didnt expect to happen was how the bye election would energize the PLP. Plus he and his party has miscalculated the dissatisfaction of the electorate in the country.

    As the governing party, you never want to go into a general election with the memory of recent loss. That is never a good sign.

    So, i will repeat what i have seaid before on this blog. A repeat of 2002 is upon us. HAI sees that the FNM ship is sinking and he is about to abondon ship. The only question is will the establishment in the FNM let HAI get away with it this time?

    In other words, will they demand that HAI stay as leader and lead them into the general election knowing what happened the last time he ditched the party 2001.

    Bahamians, in 2001 HAI used the refrumdeum to get the pulse of the electorate before he quit and now in 2010 he is using the refrundum in Lizzy to do the same. 

    Wake up Bahamas, we have seen this script before!
    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice………….

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