International Bahamian Track Star Molestation Trial hushed up by members of the Press


Andrew Tynes - did authorities throw out the case and kept it hushed?

Who will protect the voices of the innocent when the wutless media in the Bahamas fails to do its job? –

Did authorities throw out the case and kept it hushed?

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is now tracking a case involving a former teacher at a public school that has lingered in the courts for some years now.

According to court papers back in 2009, former Olympian and Bahamian national record holder in the 200 meters, Andrew Tynes, was arrested and formally charged for an alleged incident of molestation with an underage schoolboy.

What is this?

The alleged victim was a student at the same school where Tynes taught physical education.

Now get this, like the many sexual offenses trials in the Bahamas the incident have been swept clean under the ‘dutty’ Bahamian rug and beyond the ears and eyes of the nation. And we ask why.

Why is it, when it comes to children and sexual crimes in this country, the ‘dutty’ press, the ‘wutless’ media, sport enthusiasts, the Church, all these talk shows hosts, editorial puppeteers in newspapers and blogs in the country go mute!

What does that say about us? It reads that we are GUILTY PEOPLE and are complicit in similar crimes! It says that we are not about protecting the rights of children in this country?!

Where in the hell was the CRISIS CENTRE on this development? Where was the Christian Council?

Man, yinner better straighten up and fly right here!

Bahamas Press was shocked to know that this case was underway and was informed of its developments as our agents were combing court documents.


The athlete, who was 37 at the time, denied any wrongdoing and was released thereafter – posting $6,000 bail.

His lawyer at the time, Ramona Farquharson, declined comment as she defended the bail argument. Since the incident Tynes has gone underground and has not been seen in public since.

As we at BP are coming up to speed with this development, we are wondering why is it this case has been kept so hushed up? And why has Ramona Farquharson dropped Tynes as her client?

The matter was heard this week in the courts and not one damn sports reporter covered the update. Now, yinner know if this was America [Penn State molestations with Jerry Sundusky], this story would have been plastered on every front page with evidence and testimony carried with the speed of light around the world.

But here in the Bahamas, MUMs the word and no one says nothing. What a country!

At last report Tynes had been placed on administrative leave, and, from information gathered in this case, was being “Protected” by a former minister of the government!

BP will leave you to guess who that minister was.

We intend to pick up the pieces from here and we will focus on the delirious workings of our justice system, which appears to grind slowly like a soiled wheel.

We ga report yinner decide!