Italian wedding at Lucianos turn into a hostage brawl this morning


lucianos<<< Picturesque view at the entrance of the 5 star Lucianos Restaurant on East Bay Street.

Nassau, Bahamas – Now here’s a story where fine dining turned ghetto. News now coming into Bahamas Press confirms an early morning hostage brawl occurred at the Lucianos Restaurant at East Bay Street around 4 am today.

We’ve learned an Italian wedding here in The Bahamas had gone into overtime last night with guest celebrating into morning. It was then a hired DJ for the event refused to play music beyond 4am.  In just seconds after the music stopped an intoxicated groom went over to the DJ and began screaming. Bridesmaids, groomsmen and other guests at his side [groom] began attacking the DJ and a brawl ensued. Others joined in like a gang and laid blows upon blows on the wearied DJ.

mojito99Bahamas Press then learned the manager and staff at the restaurant attempted to bring order to the mayhem, however, they two were attacked and held at gunpoint by the Italian guests and wedding party. It was like a scene from the Italian movie ‘Non ti muovere’ [Don’t Move]. ‘

One eyewitness told us it was surreal. “I could not believe this was happening, they told my husband not to move, that we cannot move and then some of the men in the wedding party closed the steel gate at the entrance of the restaurant so no one can escape. I could not believe this was happening,” a worker at the restaurant told BP.

In the end police were called to the scene and arrested some 15 visitors participating in the ordeal. The guest are staying at the world famous Atlantis. Blood could be seen at the scene where we are told the DJ taken to hospital.

All we say is this, that DJ must not have been Bahamian.


  1. i cannot believe how much crap is placed here and that the ONLY person that got anything right is “cantsay” and the gunfire was 2 shots from a shotgun into the air to break the riot up and it was from a police reservist who was at the function and also got attacked.
    As for the reason the dj never stopped playing …he played an EXTRA 2 hours and everyone was packing up to leave EXCEPT one idiot who didnt want to leave and then attempted to destroy the dj’s equipment , and it went downhill from there .. with 18 people jumping the dj…

  2. this what really went down the dj was from bahamas and i kno em i was there and was fighting on the djs side he is a friend of mines and i was helping him packup the dj equipment. the italians didnt like tht we had to close so they tried to throw the djs lap top in the water and my brother stoped them, so they started fighting us and a riot broke loose they shot at me and my brother as we were running away after we relized we couldnt fight 40 people at once

  3. Cheech knows what happened, that’s good reporting!! The Bahamians got away with shooting in the air and the cops let them walk off the property while the were holding the Bride,bride maids. What a mess the cops did!!! shame on the Bahimians and the staff!!

  4. i think u r all a bunch of idiots. first off the dj was not black. secondly the luciano staff had the guns “a 12 guage to be exact” which the police let this man leave unscaved after he shot 6 rounds. thirdly the staff are the ones that blocked the gates with their cars so that the wedding party could not leave. the canadians were mistreated at the BPD. And lastly the DJ was paid $1500 extra for the last 5 songs that he was suppose to play and didnt. The groom simply wanted his money back if the dj didnt play the songs and the Dj refused to give it. And there was extortion from the DJ and his assistants. the guests fought with their hands, but the bahemians fought with guns and extortion. Now who is low class.

  5. because they must have been extorted to pay damage……something bahamian blacks would not have agreed to do

  6. @good reporting
    Well if you could afford it go visit or live in Haiti then, I know one thing all the Haitians trying to come here. The problem with the Bahamas are foreigners coming here thinking they could do whatever they want, because they realize that we rely strongly on tourism.

  7. hum…guests with guns passing customs???? Weird, I don’t think so. Maybe staff members with guns shooting in the air, causing a diaster!! they should be arrested for use of a firearm instead of tourists. No wonder people don’t like the islands,,outlaws, shame on the staff. Tourists are treated like crap,,its worse than Haiti in Nassau!!!

  8. Media in the AG article the word is CONFIRMED not confrimed!!

    No matter how bad I spell a word you just don’t get it, I am not a press person. You are the one presenting stories to the WORLD not me! Then you have the heart to use the word BAHAMAS! DUDE YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THE MEDIA OF THE BAHAMAS and this site is not a hit.

    It’s a shame what you did to Delroy.

  9. @futurevoice.
    You seem intent on showing off and letting everyone know just how “green” you are. What point are you proving, in your “Commentary”? The FACT remains, that there were “Italians” that “assaulted” a “black bahamian DJ”! Until the “stone” hits your window pane, I guess you will continue to be “green”. Don’t worry I won’t respond to your reply, because I assure you that I am not as “green”…but you will hear from me in the “future”…

  10. Maybe they got paid to keep their mouth shut, now lets wait and see if anyone will be charged for extortion.


    If all the parties involved (including Lucianos and staff ) refuse to press charges, what can the police do?

    In this case, there can be no action unless there is a complainent.

    I wonder why BP’s eyewitness did not file a complaint, or was there an eye witness????

  12. @media

    You idiot, you are just a glutton for punishment. I TOLD YOUR IGNORANT HIP BEFORE, I AM NOT A JOURNALIST, YOU ARE!!!

    hostage brawl ????????

    We’ve learned an Italian wedding here (is) (T)he Bahamas had gone into overtime last night with guest (parting).

    (With)bridesmaids, groomsmen and other guests

    Bahamas Press has learned that it was (then when) the manager and staff at the restaurant

    they (two)were attacked

    the (STEAL) gate

    where we (are) told the DJ taken to hospital

    MEDIA living up to his grade “D” average as usual!

  13. I heard that they got off scott free; how is that possible when if that was an incident involving 20 Bahamians(black)they would have been charged and levied fines? How could they be allowed to settle it among themselves, privately? didn’t they attack the black Bahamian DJ? Isn’t that assult and battery?

    • The Italians Mafia got off. So did Carl Bethel and his son. So did Andre Birbal. Forrester we will learn and learn soon that Derek Walcott was right when he wrote in his play Ti’ Jean and his Brothers, where he suggests, the DEVIL has ‘Invented Justice’. Only the black the poor and the innocent do the ‘Bank Lane Shuffle’ these days

      We need change!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  14. @futurevoice
    Well futurevoice you could not say it because we Remember it was you whom we had to correct on the spelling of the word “Grammar”. Do you remember how you spell it on BP? “Grammer”. Yes we were your teachers that day.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  15. @Anne
    Girl you must have been reading my mind!!! I could not have said it better myself. It reminds me of our “D” grade average!

    Media I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  16. Oh no no no Anne to attack us is one thing but to attack us and cuss us out is another. We said before and say again, NO cussing on Bahamas Press. This website is rated G! That kind of language will not be allowed!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  17. @bulla
    They are Italians, you don’t think the Mafia would know? You really have the right name now, BULLA!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  18. bulla :Where would visiting guest – get a gun and a chain and lock ? – This story is twisted

    They could have gotten it from Brent. I suggest you ask him since it is his property.

  19. Firstly the DJ WAS/ IS BAHAMIAN , the “guest’s had no guns !!they just jumped the dj .. i just wish someone would report FACTS instead of just gibberish….

  20. Is this the birth place of our Beloved DPM Brent ” Nasty Hog” Symonette?. I believe he has it leased out. We cry shame on the FNM and Brent to allow such a thing to happen in the Bahamas.

  21. Im hoping the DJ wasnt from the islands—–geeze how does that look. That was just wrong to attack the guy but see what alcohol does…..and then they have guns omg

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