Italian woman found hanging from a cord in her room…


We are learning that this is the suicide victim. Question: Who did she enter the Bahamas with?

Paradise Island, Bahamas – Well as we first reported on here, crime ain’t down but crime reporting is.

Your dangerous investigative arm Bahamas Press reported how a woman was found hanging at a major report on Paradise Island today. No word of the incident has come from the police. And after our inquiries and questioning more than ten hours later finally, the truth as come.

Just minutes ago following our viral post about the lack of information from the police detectives have confirmed that a woman has been found hanging.

They confirmed that they are indeed investigating an apparent suicide incident of an Italian female, who was found around 4:15am on Thursday 17th May, 2018 in a room at Atlantis with an object tied around her neck.

The matter is being actively investigated by local and international authorities, who will determine the exact cause of death. This looks like the mafia if you ask us.

We report yinner decide!


  1. First question they should ask is why would someone go on vacation to kill themself, why didnt she just do it where she lives? Think about it, would you go on vacation to kill yourself? Most real suicides occur at home, work place, in their car, or an area around where they live; have her checked for unaware drugging and than rape, something smells fishy.

  2. She is from SA. She is my brothers friend and I am sure this was not suicide. Really sad. May you RIP lovely lady. You will be missed?

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