Jobs at Atlantis could be “FLATTENED” King Sol Said


King Sol


Sol Kerzner has advised senior lawyers in the Bahamas to look into the Chinese deal by Ingraham on Baha Mar.

He vows the decision to go ahead with Baha Mar could place the jobs of 8,000 Bahamians at Atlantis in jeopardy. He called the decision “irresponsible” to double the size of the market overnight.

Kerzner said he believes Ingraham is being threatened by the PLP to go ahead with the deal, but Kerzner must remember it was Ingraham not the PLP who went to cut the deal with the Chinese. Could Kerzner now have Christieitus also?

Kerzner told NB12 reporters, “Jobs at Atlantis could be flatten.” He said he finds the decisions by the Ingraham government disappointing.


  1. Do you really think for a moment he plans to cut off his nose to spoil his face? Wouldn’t his investments be worth little or nothing on the Stock Exchange if it wasn’t for the huge profits he makes from the Atlantis investment? Check it out you financial experts!

  2. Finally my words are becomming a reality. I trusted thta I would have not seen this in my life time, but like the saying goes, “You never passes anything until you are dead.
    When the Atlantis came about I warned those in authority that this venture was just too huge for one company and even though we needed the investment, one owner was not good for the Bahamas. Can you imagine Sir Sol closing down Atlantis if the Govt does not bow to his wishes? The whole country will come down crushing. The Govt should have never approved such huge venture. Those 8000 jobs are in jepody because we dont listen to the people.
    Sir Sol must understand that the other venture will tke some time before it is completed and the children now comming out of school will be trained for this venture. His people will not be stolen as he had done to other touristic properties.
    The Govt must sit at the table with Sir Sol and see what he is talking about. The debate should have been stalled and the necessary corrections (if any) be dealt with. Let us be fair and honest in our dealings. But i disagree with any entity threatening the Govt of the day.

  3. Indians called him “Pale Face”, Blacks called him “Masa” Both are displaced by the visitors. Indians on Reserves and Blacks on the Curves.

  4. i guess kerzner & da chinese running da country…no wonder the bahamas aint no better than jamica…forigners running da country dats wat happens!!

  5. … you mean he winned him, dinned him and provided the scanty clad African dancing girls for nothing? We told him not to trust snakes when they tell you that they will not bite you; that’s what snakes do..they bite.

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