Junkanoo Referendum on Minnis Government is final!


Dr. “the handwriting is on the wall!”

PM Minnis showed up on Bay in 2017 with one of the UGLIEST COSTUMES in da history of Saxons. WHAT IS DIS? WHERE IS DA PLAN?

A referendum on withdrawing from the present administration was held on Bay Street on December 26th, 2018 and January 1st, 2019 alongside Boxing Day and The New Year’s Junkanoo parade. The measure was approved by the Bahamian people. It was the first of a series of referendums that will be held by what I call “THE JUNKANOO Cabinet.”

The good Doctor made a remark before this Boxing Day parade; “…I am more worried right now and concerned [about] whether the Saxons are going to win Junkanoo Christmas. That’s what I’m gearing up for.”

In my opinion, the referendum questions was on a invisible ballot from the one used for the General Elections in the 2017.

The question then was: “Do you approve, the then PLP leader?“

The question today is: “Do you approve, the now FNM leader?“

Who can forget the Controversy that erupted in 2017, when Roots was upgraded from fourth to first place in the 2017 New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade event after the Valley Boys had originally been declared the unofficial winner, it was painful to the loyal Valley Boys fans.

We must also not forget the Boxing Day 2016 Junkanoo Winner was …..

1. One Family
2. Saxons
3. Roots
4. Genesis
5. The Valley Boys.

These 2016 results were a clear, warning to the PLPs to get rid of its then leader.

In New Providence the first street that feels “The Winds of Change” is, Bay Street.

Dr. “the handwriting is on the wall”