Laing cannot explain the payments to BTC executives because he has yet to explain why he was paid more money than his Cabinet Colleagues….



GUILTY!!!! Laing and Papa wrecked the Bahamian economy. What a FAILURE!!!! Both then ABANDONED THE FNM and Country.

Media forget how Laing was paid more than Cabinet Ministers

Nassau, Bahamas — There was much talk in the city yesterday on how Hubert Ingraham squandered and wasted the Bahamian people’s money. This is not new information, but for some Bahamians they forget.

They forget how we met in 2012 a country on the brink of the abyss. They forget how while mothers and children were being denied benefits at the National Insurance Board, the then Minister – Hubert Ingraham – allowed the Director and top executives to walk away with huge bounces UNKNOWN TO THE BOARD!

They forget how padded contracts were stacked so high to cronies like one Telco Enterprises who got away with millions to build a facility at Sandilands which started at 8.1 million dollars and ended up to over $12.1!

They forget how Ministers like Laing raided the cookie jar for himself. Laing, some we know have forgotten, was a part of those bad decisions that created the great decline of the country between 2007 to 2012.

Sensible people in the country know Laing has no credibility. To him 51% is the same as 49%! We at BP wonder why NB 12 even asked him about the recent payouts to executives at BTC Executives under his regime following the fire sale of the corporation!

Sensible people in the country knows Laing was part and parcel of the wrecking machine deep in the bowels of Hubert Ingraham that: increased spending, deepened the deficit, doubled unemployment, hindered investor confidence, reversed growth, delivered group business declines and left the state of the economy before 2012 as a damming inheritance for Bahamians yet unborn.

Fact is: people like Laing should crawl back into their shells, rot deep inside and have nothing to say about anything in reference to the Bahamian economy or fiscal management. He should stay right in Grand Bahama flipping pancakes and sausages.

Reports in the news last night repeats the reason why we at BP fight with the WUTLESS MEDIA in this country.

Rather than asking Laing about BTC executive bonuses, those at NB12 should have asked Laing yesterday when is he going to explain to the Bahamian people how he paid himself more than his Cabinet colleagues? More than 730 days have passed since BP has put that question to the former drunk Minister of State!

We at Bahamas Press wants to know when will Laing explain to the Bahamian people how he paid himself $6,000 more than Loretta Butler-Turner and Phenton Neymour; former Ministers of State? Why were the extra funds paid? What was it for? And when is he going to pay the sum back to the Public Treasury of The Bahamas?

Fact is it was Laing and the fired FNM that brought the Bahamian economy to its knees and to the brink of the economic collapse. We are not surprise at the revelations now unfolding out of the Treasury on Payments to former Executives for their silence.

Laing is not the right person to explain the matter! The former Minister of Finance Hubert Ingraham should tell us – but ya know – he like Wells these days ain’t talking to nobody on nothing!

We report yinner decide!