Lanisha Rolle set to take her big delegation to Doha, Qatar but cheats the star athletes out of their budget and subventions!


Lanisha Rolle set to take her big delegation to Doha, Qatar but cheats the star athletes out of their budget and subventions!

Minister Lanisha Rolle and husband Vontenken Rolle set to jet off to Qatar for World Championship while athletes figure out if they could travel.

NASSAU| In what continues to be an ongoing rift between sporting associations and the Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle, BP has more to tell about that upcoming World Championship event to be held at the Khalifa International Stadium, Doha, Qatar.

BP broke the story about how Rolle decided to cut the budget of the BAAAs from $116,000 to only $25,000 without taking into consideration that the Ministry had already approved the budget that had been submitted by the Athletic Association.

From what we know, the team must be able to cover costs, which include the team’s per diem, luggage expenses, insurances, registration costs associated with the athletes and contingency, which alone would amount to some $36,500.00.

Readers should also note that THE MINISTRY has NOT PAID subventions, which the Minister is seeking to withdraw from our superstars, SINCE JUNE 2019! And, as a result of this unfortunate financial hurdle, many of the national athletes have discontinued their respective training exercises and have withdrawn from the competition. It is not even sportspeople’s time!

Now, at this World Championship event, we have two global stars who are anticipated to medal: Shaunae Miller-Uibo is expected to claim the Gold in the Women’s 200m and 400m and Stephen Gardiner will claim the Gold in the Men’s 400m. But Minister Rolle does not give a damn how the team will get there.  

And while all the athletes and coaches were all left holding the bag, interestingly the Minnis Cabinet has agreed that the Minister should take a delegation to Qatar [which does not include the athletes now]. Watch this now – persons in the Cabinet of the Bahamas would rather pay to see Rolle and crew travel to a World Championship rather than the Bahamian team? Whatever happened to ONE BAHAMAS?!

Minister Rolle’s delegation to Qatar includes her husband Vontenken Rolle, the new scandal riddled NSA Chairman, Buton Rogers, who was caught up with Company A in the Auditor Generals report, the Director of Sports, Tim Munnings and his wife, the Minister’s aide, Eldece Clarke from Sports Tourism inside the Ministry of Tourism, and Quinton Brennen who sits as the National Sports Association’s General Manager.

Meanwhile, the athletes and coaches are left trying to figure out how they are going to get there. Boy, we know a Brave Davis Administration would not leave the youths dem behind.

These facts presented here today prove that the Minnis Government is shameless when it comes to sports in the Bahamas. It cancelled the World Relays and CARIFTA and now they are cheating athletes out of what is rightfully theirs.

We report yinner decide!