Lenten Meditation Day 5 – March 9th… Temptation and Doubt:


Lenten Meditation Day 5 – March 9th…

Temptation and Doubt:

A nonbeliever once came on Bahamas Press and demanded proof that GOD exists. The question drew a lengthy Facebook debate, which moved from Christian ideology and principals to the theories of Darwin and Plato. BP was exhausted following that lengthy online chat, and in the end I was still a Christian who could not win over the firm views of the unbeliever.

This experience reminded me of the 40-day temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, which is also our Gospel Reading for today [Matt 4: 1-11]. The scene is where the tempter comes to Jesus questioning his faith and testing his very existence. Hungry and alone following his long 40-day fast the tempter came with the question, … “If you be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.” What a test. The enemy himself wants Jesus to test his own power and make Him wonder if he was God’s Son.

Christians have all come to this place before, questioning whether or not they are called to be in a particular place on their Christian journey. What often most believers forget is the fact that we are in a journey of faith!

When asked by the atheist in the end of our lengthy discourse, “How could you believe in someone you have never seen?” My reply was quick: “How could you believe in the wind? You cannot see that either, yet you know it exists!” I added, “I have seen the Hand of God, which can be published in volumes of texts in my personal life. I have witnessed miracles. And personal miracles in my own life which testifies to the fact that though I have never seen the image of God, I feel and know of His presence directing and commanding my life.” Have you not see the Hand of God in the love of a parent?

Perhaps you saw it in the concern of some guardian? Have you not experienced a direction to do something that could only be a direction from Him? Have you not heard His voice to go a particular place? Has He not inspired you to uplift and speak to someone who needed a word?

We as Christians walk by Faith and not by sight.