Letter to BP – The Bahamas & Haitians. Contradictions abound


Dear Editor,

There has always been a love hate relationship between Bahamians and Haitians. We love them when they do the physical labour we don’t want to do, but hate them when they start to aspire to do more for themselves.

When we consider the reactions to the government documenting and releasing 119 Haitians from the detention centre here as a result of the earthquake devastation to Port au Prince, Haiti one wonders how we can call ourselves a “Christian” nation.

Some Bahamians, lead by the Opposition political party (PLP), are seemingly irate that the government would release 119 people as a  humanitarian gesture, implying that the “Haitians are taking over”. All the while they ignore the fact that hundreds of Haitians are entering illegally almost on a daily basis, under successive governments.

Shucks more than 119 illegal Haitians could be picked up on a daily basis, but there are practical and humanitarian considerations in these circumstances.

The illegal entry not withstanding, a friend indicated that he searched the Internet and can find no other country in the region, or the world for that matter, that is reacting the way some sectors of our community are.

There are many public policies I disagree with successive governments on, but in the circumstances, this is not one of them.

The reaction of certain segments of the society are shameful. Thank goodness, so many Bahamians are doing their part to send assistance to our Haitian neighbours in their time of need.

When all the negativity subsides I think we will be proud of the contribution the many right thinking Bahamians have made.

With The Bahamas and Haitians, contradictions abound.


Rick Lowe


  1. Mr Lowe, have you buck ya head on something hard, the opposition has nothing to do with me feeling betrayed by the stupid decision that the Prime Minister has made by releasing those illegal immigrants, when they let Cubans roam around Carmicheal Rd. that upsets me, the key word is “illegal”, are we condoning wrong, watch the message we are sending to the youth and grownups of the nation, so for you to make a statement like that makes me think that you have taken a side, I have heard you on many shows and always considered you an FNM supporter, but at least an open minded one that would lash out at something you though was not cool by the FNM goverment, but for you to hit Bahamians on the ground, Bahamians that have personal relationships with Haitians, we as a people don’t hate Haitians, but like any human on this planet we have personal experiences with others and we draw our opinions from those experiences, but Bahamians do not hate them, I do think that living in your rich world you get the idea that all Bahamians can afford to help the world, we as Bahamians have done our share many times over, and we continue to do so, in these hard times what are we to do?, “Of All My Mother’s Children, I Love Me The Best”, that is a human trait, remember that?, all the years others were crying out for help for Haiti, where were you?, other than just looking for cheap labour, get your head out of the clouds sir, and see things for our perspective, an another thing, after working the black man to death, and making millions of him, we have not heard one white person, including you, say let’s give those blacks some money to give them a leg up, or pay them reparations for their years of suffering, stop talking stupidness Mr. Lowe, and grow a heart, if not for your black Bahamians, grow one for your own Bahamian brothers and sister, anyway while I sit here writing this blog, your war chest grows, and on the back of my ancestors, I’m sure whatever you give, will count for me also, SMOKE DAT!!!.

  2. Obviously Mr. Lowe is not affected by the recession and the high unemployment in this country. 

  3. Rick Lowe’s statement “There are many public policies I disagree with successive governments on” is a vain attempt to appear objective.Rick Lowe might as well become a card carrying member of the FNM. Mr.Lowe supports the most hypocritical, foolish, dangerous public policy position in recent Bahamian history not because of what happened in Haiti but because which government is in power.I read your articles an follow your opinions. You Mr.Lowe can support releasing the illegal immigrants, individuals who have broken the laws of the Bahamas, on one hand. Then on the other passionately disagree with the Urban Renewal Program. A program that supports the lest fortunate amongst us…Bahamians at that Mr.Lowe-Bahamians.Then to throw political mud in the faces of Bahamians, you run on about what other nations are saying compared to the sentiments of Bahamians, who rightly feel slighted that Haitians, illegal at that, are abusing our health care system and squatting all over the place on land Bahamians have to mortgage their children’s future to afford.Well sir, when you and PM Ingraham feel like calling out the nature of Bahamian christians please remember what the Saviour said…when you do for the poor you do for me…as long as PM Ingraham passes policies that benefit your monied bosses everything is fine.I say to you sir, stop fooling yourself into thinking that you will convince Bahamians to buy into your foolish, self serving opinions…Take it to the Nassau Yacht Club and the Nassau Institute…the two  bastions of racism in the Bahamas.

  4. Mr. Lowe, Bahamians of all walk of life are sympathetic to the plight of the Haitians and many Bahamians like myself have no problem in releasing the Haitians who were detained at the detention centre but we feel as though the decision was rushed and not properly thought out.The Haitians could of been released in the care of a relative/friend  with status who would agree to be responsible for the individual(s).  In this way, the Bahamas Government would have at least a residential address and a relative with status to refer to in the event the person did not show up in 3 months time.

  5. Since we know that PAPA caused this stirring of the water by refusing to include stakeholders in his decision to free illegal immigrants he needs to be soundly defeated in Elizabeth to get his attention that Bahamians want no maximum leader.Remember we humbled him in the referendum of 2002 when he sought to bring atrocious laws into being.Now is the time to throw him from his imaginery perch.If you are FNM just vote for someone other than the FNM candidate Sands who is needed more greatly at the PMH than in Parliament.Give PAPA the boot he so greatly deserves.. 

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