Hubert should know how his ministry is headed to hell – MORALE AT NIB IS NON-EXISTENT



Nassau, Bahamas — Foreign born Derek Obsbourne, owner of Dairy Queen is still calling the shots at NIB as he promotes his friend, Mrs. Tammy Francis as Manager of the Prescription Drug Plan, a serious downgrade from National Health Insurance. Anything you need from NIB you must make friends with Derek Osbourne, Richenda King or Algernon Cargill, otherwise “dog eat your meat”.

Dr. Stanley Lalta Project Manager was advised that his last day is drawing nigh and he should begin to pack his backpack and quickly plan to leave.

Ms. Francis was recently given the position of Manager for Unemployment Benefits but she did not like it because it was not prestigious enough. She then requested that Mr. Osbourne give her the position of Manager for the Prescription Drug Plan even though she was not the best suited candidate.

Meanwhile Mrs. Richenda King continues to frustrate the already low morale staff:

Cassandra Lewis was sent packing to Wulff Road because it is believed that she leaked some information to the Bahamas Press, the poor woman is innocent of Cargill’s team witchery. King who parades around the office in her Kasper suit, sent Mrs. Lewis straight to Wulff Road and everyone knows once you are sent to Wulff Road, you are on your way out.

The already overstaffed Human Resource Department is recruiting and recruiting and recruiting their friends and have transferred the key employees out of the department because Mrs. King wanted to employ her friends from ColinaImperial.

King quickly hired Carol Woods, her old time assistant from ColinaImperial, and has already made commitments to others. Her excuse was that she needs someone she can trust.

Cargill remains sitting at the helm allowing NIB expenses to increase to an astronomical level. He feels since he is collecting funds he can just spend, spend, spend while Hubert Ingraham sits idly by and watching the funds fly out the window. We still await the day for that doubled tongued Ingraham to address the spending splurge at NIB.

Mr. Cargill advised the staff when he was hired that there will be no new hires, however, he like Hubert Ingraham cannot be men to their words.


  1. Media, Is their a conflict of interest and bias by having Bahamas First, Managing Director the Chairman of NIB? Is their conflict of interest and predisposition by having John Pinder on NIB Board of Directors and the Advisor for NIB Unions?

  2. u all joking man.  all i ga tell them is this if she aint messing with you all leave her alone.  that must be gold.  and they say cargill talk about her if i was him i will go now and try remember who i talk to man.  i freak out. and the talk HAI say he aint finish with nib yet.   anyone know what the vp of legal does do other than talk the board business all day.  she already talk bout sexy.  but sexy work with her these some niggers they does call her barbie so noone ould know who they talking bout.  what next.  cargill dont like the auditor they vibing over the vp investment.  the doc on call all the time.  where the chairman.  all these things cant be going on under his nose.  cargill making up award. collie getting award and his sweetheart is telling all the business to the woman who was just charge.  what kinda plae that is.  all i ga say is fbi in the place and information is being gathered. 

  3. well, well, what a bunch of nonsense.  I have to break this down.  I have never heard so much lies going on in all my life.  BP did not the woman said the spiritual adviser is her aunt and she spoke with her.  Now thats a disgrace putting people name and photo on and people making jokes.  Then they say dacooler is the sexy girl on the third floor.  Man listen here BP i aint going to lie to you.  trust me when you hear someone say they aint checking or have time for those people running on about nib, well let me tell u the truth that sexy woman or whom ever or how ever they address her she aint checking for true.  Now i peep today at millionaire airport when that plane door open i aint see no mp or nib people come out of that plane.  But i see that brown sugar.  Now i dont know who running this country because they people who come out of that plane from Haiti they aint no jokers.  you all sure that woman aint a FBI agent or something.  That car she have on facebook yea that here buddy.  she aint have no time to be figuring you all out you all better go figure out who she is.   Godfather have that one train or she trained him

  4. i agree with the punisher she trying to guess who u are we all know that dacooler is when i responded to the gay security officer they start saying that i am moore from fox hill office by the way i understand from someone in H.R that Gibson is the only one who would get promoted to senior security officer. so guys tell me how did that get out of personal. if you want to get promoted just paint your nose Brown and carry news

    • I do not have to guess Barrie cause we know who the punisher is n you confirmed it as u id HIM!!!!!. I never said if it was a him or her. 

  5. i agree with the punisher she trying to guess who u are we all know that dacooler is that sexy girl on the third floor she looks good when i responded to the gay security officer they start saying that i am moore from fox hill office by the way i understand from someone in H.R that Gibson is the only one who would get promoted to senior security officer. so guys tell me how did that get out of personal. if you want to get promoted just paint your nose Brown and carry newt

  6. dacooler you gat the wrong person arrested you dont think u should ease up on him give him my sympathy too

  7. hey punisher have my sympathy on the passing of your grammie. Stop hating………….cause you sound invidious

  8. cargill is an *ss!  he is a political appointment and so are all of these people he is hiring.  as soon as the government changes, they will be terminated…what is wrong with us? do we never learn? he tink he dere for life hey??? what an *sshole!

    • like they say be careful what u pray for.  The poor people are complaining everywhere they go.  The under a dictatorship

  9. Please, the punisher, give us the low down on Cargill and his friend frolic. As you know we will keep it in the strictest of confidence.

    Cahamas Press/Editor

    • Why yall tink Cargill into these retreats? Why the gay-like thirst for expensive water? Why Yall tink he send Quency Russell to Abaco to broke up people marriage? Why was there a purge, followed by a tsunami of new hires? Walk with yer umbrella – Plenty nanny in NIB soon hit the fan.

      • And the Minister in Charge of the Board is Hubert Ingraham himself. Oh e gat the goodies on NIB Standy…

  10. Their will be a select committee formed to investigate the victimizations, spending and hiring practice at NIB after the next general election. People will be held Accountable. The Director, Chairman, Board Members, HR V.P. and the Actuary Consultant will be removed not to hinder that investigation. Members of Staff have indicated their future cooperation to this committee. Be Aware!

    • people at nib  are crying harder than the people in Haiti.  They said they are being ship from here to there.  It appears that the pm do not care anymore.  cargill running the crew wild like animal, people fainting what next

  11. If PAPA believes he will get away with any transgression at NIB he better think again.I* guess you must think red in order to get a job in this country.It is time for an audit report on NIB be produced so we the shareholders can see what is going on.After all its our money and we have a right to know.

  12. People around this country morale are down, so think Ingraham could careless about those people and their morale or the victimization they has to endure at NIB?  He don’t care, you see how he is address the nation. Ingraham does not hide his true feelings towards the Bahamian people;  he said that he is ashamed of us.  Not disappointed, but ashamed!!! Why represent people if you are ashamed of them, I guess the money and power is just too tempting to pass up aye.  Bingo!!!!

  13. B p i am glad that you are bringing this story  up you have cargil scared in one of our meetings he kept saying how bahamapress cant hurt him you really gat him congras this story is so timely, cargil just created an award call the directors award  nobody knew any thing about  it when he said who the winner was all of us could not believe it now we see why greg nose is so brown. cargil let me give u some advice watch the company that you are keeping ask Mccartney or lewis or the family island managers who were brought back, this man is dangerous. and he is a praying man who wants a church all i can say the lord made ugly but he dont like it, he did a good job on greg, next time i would tell you some more  like sexual harassment,

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