Luciano’s Won’t Pay: Minnis and his rich elitists rob more poor Bahamians


How could NIB sit by and allow this crime to be committed against the BOARD AND BAHAMIANS? HOW?!

Lucianos Restaurant back in 2016 ready for Hurricane Matthew. We hope they are ready for Hurricane Isaias.

NASSAU| The Meyers Group of Companies, owned by Jamaican-born millionaire, George Meyers, has hoodwinked the staff at its Luciano’s Restaurant by shutting down the business and laying off the staff, claiming the business could not economically withstand the COVID-19 shutdown. But one thing that’s different with this layoff: staff are not being paid any severance. 

From May of this year, the Meyers Group, without warning, closed down Lucianos and told the staff they did not have any jobs.

Only at this time did the staff discover that the Meyers Group had contracted shady business woman, Sonia Toothe, and her company, H.R. Solutions, to run Luciano’s for many years. 

The staff made the gruesome discovery of H.R. Solution’s crookedness when they first tried to save themselves by applying for NIB’s unemployment benefit only to find out that H.R. Solutions was deducting NIB from their paychecks weekly but had not been paying the quasi-government entity one dime. NIB turned the staff away and told them they could not receive the benefit. WHAT IN DA ….

NIB was the first blow, but when staff was ushered to H.R. Solutions for their severance pay, they were told to return, over and over and over and over and over and over again, never receiving even one dime from H.R. Solutions – to this day, not one dime. PROMISES! PROMISES! PROMISES! NO RESULTS! Well, the News has come to BP and we will wait to see who will stand up for the workers!

Some staff, who have worked for the company since its inception, feel hopeless as they cannot receive government assistance and have not received one dime for their hard work over the years serving the restaurant’s elitist clientele. 

While George Meyers sits in his ivory tower on Paradise Island, eating caviar and refusing to take the calls of his loyal staff, while his thief of a business manager, Sonia Toothe, ducks and dodges them, while using their hard-earned pension, vacation, and NIB money to bankroll her family and show off, children are going hungry, women are making desperate moves and men are out there degrading themselves, begging just to survive. DAMN THIEF!!!!

After months of getting the run-around from Toothe, Luciano’s staff have finally gotten sense and are taking measures to sue both George Meyers and Sonia Toothe for the hardship they have gone through for the past few months and also for stealing their money.  

BP asks PM Minnis, Sonia Toothe and George Meyers: WHERE IS YOUR COMPASSION? DO YOU HAVE A HEART? DO YOU HAVE A SOUL??

How can the rich and their thieves sleep at night when women are out there selling their bodies because they do not have one bean to throw in a pan to cook for their children or when a man has to look in his wife’s eyes and tell her the same lying story fed to him by the elitists which comes to the same result: WE ARE NOT GIVING YOU ONE DIME for your years of service. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!! This cannot be right!

The year 2022 cannot come fast enough to vote out Minnis and send his LAWLESS rich crew retreating behind their gates to lock themselves in – just how Minnis locks us up every evening. Now a hurricane is coming and the staff of Luciano’s will have to go to shelters and pray that food is there so they can at least have a weekend to eat. WHAT A SHAME!!!

BP also should remind its readers that this same Meyers Group got special permission from the Competent Authority to open its remaining restaurants, including KFC, later than all the other struggling restaurants in town.

The rich in The Bahamas are above the law!! Remember the rich people wedding on Briland last weekend, when other brides had to cancel their weddings and go to bed crying? 

BP is watching developments in this story!! Toothe, Meyers, pay the people their money and stop being so damn crooked! 

We report!! Yinna decide!!