Man breaks up his female lover’s cellphone and laptop in a jealous rage after he suspected she was cheating on him…

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| Times are getting tough deep inside the curfew days for some relationships and, once again, a lover in a jealous rage destroyed his girlfriend’s phone and laptop after he suspected her of cheating.

A 38-year-old construction worker, Jamain Higgs, lost his temper with his girlfriend one morning around 5 am after he overheard her speaking on the phone with someone he suspected was her secret lover.

Higgs told Senior Magistrate Derance Rolle- Davis he was guilty of the March 8th incident and that he had since parted ways with his lover. The court was told how Higgs, on the morning of the incident, smashed the phone to pieces, and that evening when he returned and the argument continued, he destroyed and stamped on the laptop. Higgs told the court he had purchased both of the items filed in the complaint.

Senior Magistrate Rolle-Davis, upon hearing how Higgs has no criminal record and still supports his child with the woman, ordered him to pay $462.29, the value of the items destroyed, and released him on an absolute charge after the amount was paid.

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